Why is the Constitution so formal?

The Constitution is not the most exciting document ever written—it's true. It is written the way it is to be as clear as possible. The Constitution is an agreement and it is really important for people to understand what they are agreeing to, especially since it outlines how to proceed when people don't agree.

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Collective Agreements

Coordination Meeting

We meet on Mondays at 10:00 to distribute information, make plans and generally coordinate. All residents are recommended to join.

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Positions and Evaluation

Positions and Evaluations

This document is meant to give an overview about the structure of social hierarchy at Kanthaus.


There are 3 positions at Kanthaus, in ascending level of responsibility and power they are: Visitor, Volunteer and Member. These Positions reflect and regulate the actual responsibility and power people hold. People move between Positions based on evaluation.

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Legal entities

The following diagram is a basic visualization of the most relevant groups for Kanthaus and how they relate to each other.

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Satzung Haus Kante Wurzen w.V.

§1 Name, Sitz, Geschäftsjahr

  1. Der Verein führt den Namen “Haus Kante Wurzen w.V.”.

  2. Der Sitz des Vereins ist Wurzen.

  3. Der Verein ist ein wirtschaftlicher Verein (§22 BGB).

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Satzung Wandel würzen e.V.

§1 Name und Sitz

  1. Der Verein führt den Namen Wandel würzen.

  2. Er soll in das Vereinsregister eingetragen werden und trägt dann den Zusatz "e.V."

  3. Der Sitz des Vereins ist Wurzen.

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