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Ideas for future projects

If you want to engage with one of these ideas for longer, or if you have a new idea that would fit us well, please send us a message!

Soon:  RepairCafé and technology meet-up

RepairCafé and technology meet-up

Broken devices clutter your apartment? You fancy tinkering? You're interested in exchanging experiences?

Drop by: Every Tuesday at 5pm

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“There was lots of cheese, yogurt and sausage, but the packages were sliced open, so we can’t take it. It’s not the usual thing, but this is what supermarkets do sometimes when they realise that people are bin-diving.”

Hidden in the nook of a cobbled street in Wurzen, and just a few stops on the S-Bahn outside of Leipzig, is Kanthaus. At the entrance, a billowing colourful banner welcomes weary travellers and fellow foodsavers.

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