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Ideas for future projects

If you want to engage with one of these ideas for longer, or if you have a new idea that would fit us well, please send us a message!

Soon:  foodsharing leftover brunch

Bring what you have left over from last week and let's have a nice time while eating and talking together!

Between 11am and 1pm we offer the table for this!

The foodsharing leftover brunch is about coming together. Together we'll dare to open those dubious jars you found in the back of your pantry and find out how long this food really lasts.

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Blog:  Fruit Kvass

by Kaja

Ancient/Traditional Slavic & Baltic Fermented Drink: Kvass

Kvass is a fermented soda-like beverage usually made from bread or flour (barley, wheat, rye, and so on) and probably comes from the same heritage as ancient drinks like beer (Source).

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