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Ideas for future projects

If you want to engage with one of these ideas for longer, or if you have a new idea that would fit us well, please send us a message!


Soon:  Group weekend of Kritische Psychologie Dresen


After the critical psychology Dresden has founded a new university group almost exactly a year ago, they now come back to Kanthaus!

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Blog:  Postcode Lottery funding

by Janina

We are delighted to announce that we got a considerable amount of money from the Postcode Lottery to realize a project that combines pretty much all Kanthaus purposes:

We will design and build modular 48V lithium batteries to save and use solar energy. We will do so using decommissioned batteries from old laptops. That way we can give new life to resources that were already seen as trash, prevent unnecessary mining of raw materials (e.g. lithium and cobalt) that has devastating consequences for people and the environment in the global South and equip ourselves with light, cycle-proof, high-current energy storage devices.

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