Since 2012 the foodsharing movement is growing in Germany. On people organize to pick up unsellable but still good food from businesses. Since 2017 this is also tackled in Wurzen thanks to Kanthaus.

Foodsharing is the topic that brought all of us together and for many of our members and volunteers it's still a focus. Maintenance and development of the online platform as well as the internationalization of the foodsaving movement are progressed mainly at Kanthaus. Building up a functional foodsharing group locally is merely logical in this context.

Raphael and Matthias work on Street event by foodsharing Copenhagen Foodsavers in Sweden

We will put up and take care of Food-Share Points, will hold informational events to get more citizens of Wurzen to participate and hopefully find many motivated companions. We will deepen our already existing contact to the local food bank and help as much as we can, so that the overworked ladies running it won't feel the need to close it down completely.

You want to take part?
Awesome! Have a look in the events section to find out when the next meet-up is due and drop by! Or simply write us a mail and we'll gladly tell you how to go about it!