Things that are needed:

By our vision we try to reuse material that is not needed (e.g. bought too much, just lying around) or not wanted (e.g. optical problems, need some repair work, outdated) where it currently is. We need to do some general maintenance and renovation work on the house as well as material and tools to start projects. If you feel like you have something from the list below (or similar) or know a company that wants to get rid of some material, please contact us. We also take broken or slightly broken things, that are repairable. They might even be used to teach others or learn how to repair things.

Building material:

Workshop equipment:

Lab equipment:

Things of everyday life:



Places to find Items

You can for example use ebay-Kleinanzeigen, jasprtrades, the local recycling company, freecycle, the projekteverteiler Leipzig and other sharing websites