Photo 2 by Thomas Kube.

The project house and housing project Kanthaus, located at Kantstraße 20 and 22 in Wurzen, exists since Summer 2017. Conscious and effective use of resources is the topic we chose for ourselves and foodsharing is what brought us all together. The faces you encounter at Kanthaus can vary because we are part of a big network of ecological and social people from Germany and beyond. Normally there are around 10 people present at Kanthaus; when we hold events it can be way more but it's seldomly less.

We want to encourage exchange and true encounters of people. We want to establish a culture of sharing, repairing, reusing and appreciating. On the one hand to preserve the environment, on the other hand to bring people together.

As soon as people stop buying everything for themselves and start sharing with their neighbors again, they won't grow lonely as easily anymore and they'll even avoid some expenses. In this part of the world there is already an abundance of material goods: food, furniture, books, clothes, objects of any kind. Only the immaterial lacks: time, content, contact.

We want to take time again to establish contact. We want to make accessible all that we have too much of already. We want to counter waste and strengthen appreciation of resources and humans instead of counting everything up in money.

Our main topics are:

In short this means creating room in the city, where our values are lived. First we'll build a functional local foodsharing infrastructure with regular meetings of active people. We'll start a regularly occurring RepairCafe, open a freeshop and establish to hold events on a regular basis. Thus we want to play an active role in Wurzen and the wider world.

On top of that we want to provide space for people to realize their own sustainable projects. We want to give active, independent people the opportunity to follow their ideals and passions of making the world a better place and support each other in doing so.

There are enough resources, they only need to be better distributed.
Reduce Waste. Promote Sharing