You're interested in tinkering?
You're upset because your expensive 12V-power supply with custom plug is broken again?
Your bicycle needs some love?
And you don't want to be alone with all these topics?

Join our open RepairCafe and technology meet-up!

every Tuesday from 4 pm to 6 pm at Kanthaus


Repair-Cafés exist in many cities, only in Wurzen there's none so far.

The idea behind is very simple: Make broken things and devices usable again with the help of people who know their way around them a little better.

But why should devices only be repaired? Maybe you already feel the desire to really understand how and why it works?

Be it a sewing machine, different kinds of switches, the keyboard of your laptop or any other electronic device - there is a lot to discover, to understand and to make use of. For your own custom project or for the sake of art.

So-called hackerspaces are known for projects like these.
But don't worry: hackers are not the creepy people, who sit in gloomy basements and plan to disrupt every single computer system in the world, as many might think. They rather are creative people, who understand technology and want to make use of it in the way it was intended to be used in the first place: As an instrument for your very own ideas.

Our RepairCafé and technology meet-up is meant to connect all the above-mentioned worlds.


Of course we need you and your skills to make this happen!
Matthias, the initiator if this meet-up, has deep knowledge about electronics and software development.
Other areas would need to be covered by other people with experience - but normally Kanthaus hosts some technophile people with different areas of interest.

It would be nice if we could use this space to share skills. So if you'd like to give a workshop about something you have expert knowledge of it would be highly appreciated!


First things first: We're still pretty new here.
Our first goal is to connect interested people, the rest will work itself out.

But of course we already have some tools and parts, so that we can already start tinkering:


In the beginning stages we don't have a real workshop, but a heated seminar room with 2 tables and approximately 12m² of space. We'll just see how it goes and who shows up to then decide how to evolve.

Bikes can be worked with in the inner courtyard or in the hallway.


For now we don't need a lot.
The tools and materials we have are collected from different people's private possesions, so we ask you to handle them with care.
Especially when repairing things you'll often need non-standard parts, which almost nobody has laying around. Whatever is there can be used, but of course we need to find a balance between using up and retrieving things. If you have something to spare you're warmly invited to check in with our wishlist to find out if we need it.
Apart from that you can donate some money, if you have enough.

You are part of a business and would like to support us with tools and/or materials? We'd happily receive things, which you don't use anyways! If you have stuff which is just taking up space or which you are about to throw away, please contact us!