So you'd like to visit us? Great! Read on...


To visit Kanthaus you'll need a host. A host is a current Volunteer or Member who is happy to show you around, introduce you to others and generally be responsible for making sure you and others have a Good Time™. Because people are quite busy here, it's not certain that there will always be someone available to host you, so please arrange this before you arrive. You can contact us via Slack or email, or if you know someone who can host you, you can just arrange it through them.


The buildings were built in the 1880s and have suffered decades of questionable building practices. Our ongoing renovation works mean that some parts of Kanthaus are more or less building-sites. We must ask you to take responsibility for your safety and to be generally observant. Please be aware of:


Unfortunately Kanthaus has accessibility issues: everything is spread out over 3 floors and there are three steps at the front door. If you have issues with accessibility and would like to visit, please let us know about your needs and we can talk about how/if we can make it work.


We have a Constitution and Collective Agreements which you accept by visiting. These documents outline the processes and rules we have set for ourselves. Just to highlight two points: we do not permit indoor smoking and we wish to discuss bringing non-human animals (e.g. dogs) on a case-by-case basis. Additionally:


If you want to use our spaces with your group to work on projects in line with our values, we're happy about it! Everything written on this page is also true for groups. Only exception: A group only needs one host and not one for every individual. We already had quite some groups here and this process proved useful:

Other info

The address is Kantstraße 20, Wurzen 04808. Please mention "phancy physalis" when you first contact us so that we know you've read this document.

Kanthaus eagerly awaits you!