What is Kanthaus?

Introductions to who we are, what we do and why are often given here at Kanthaus and each person does that differently. Here is a filmed introduction, in order to allow you to prepare, get inspired or just procrastinate :-) and to possibly allow you to ask more detailed questions.

I would say this introduction is best for:

  • people who are not entirely new to the topics of saving and sharing
  • and for (potential) kanthausians

Doug has written something nice about the values before: what's the real deal with the principles?

I have put down the most important bullet points below. We hope everything is working with d.tube. Feedback via e-mail. Have fun watching :-)

If the video below doesn't work, you can also download it.

Content of the video


  • wastefulness in the world
  • foodsharing - saving and sharing food
  • yunity - saving and sharing everything
  • more long-term and more sustainable - 2 houses as permanent place for it


  • Self-determination
  • Equivalence
  • Acceptance


  • provide and connect public and common resources.
  • give what we can, take what need and facilitate others to do the same.
  • develop free and open-source software.
  • promote sharing and reduce waste.

what does that mean (in practice)?

  • provide infrastructure

  • a project house - a house for the realization of projects, one of which is the community/the house, people have own projects

  • constitution (decision making, responsibility, who is staying for how long) -> Internet (https://kanthaus.online/en/governance/constitution)

  • internally

  • locally

  • nationally/internationally

  • open for people to participate!

  • self-organization, personal initiative; important to take an active role in the house with ones own strengths

  • giving and taking

About the author: Laurina has been with Kanthaus since its foundation and does especially vision-related, social and emotional work for the project.

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