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The Kanthaus people would like to say a big thank you to all the participants of our wuppweek! The progress we made was great and we're looking forward to finishing the roofs this year. May that be the last winter with dripping investigations in the attics and a nightly waterfall in the staircase of K22!

Together we tore down a whole room, removed lots and lots of wood and had fun on our dusty destruction sites. We produced shitloads of rubble and already brought an impressive amount of it to the recycling station.

Our electricity consumption went to a peak, since we had the highest rate ever of showers taken. And maybe the highest number of dirty people in the house ever, too.

But we were not only helped with destruction! Thanks to Anja's initiative the garden got prepared and looks like summer could start tomorrow. We established a new compost and hope the next one can be used without a fly-protection-mask. The BASSment club opened on Sunday after a week of thorough plaster work and several private work parties.

We all worked together, got dirty and dusty, danced, had great food, visited the Villa Klug for KüfA and sauna, sat around a camp fire, played at least one round of werewolf, carried thousands of penny bags with building rubble, enjoyed the sun on the other side of the street, had amazing lunch time in the garden, got sore muscles and only one person stepped into a nail and hey, he didn't even get hurt!

We very much enjoyed everyone being with us, being in Kanthaus and most of all being part of this energetic and motivating building week. It was an event we definitely want to repeat and improve, based on the feedback we gathered from the participants.

There is always more work to do, so stay tuned for the next wuppweek invitation!

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