Gerechte1Komma5 meeting


Gerechte1Komma5 writes the grassroots climate plan. The meeting in Kanthaus is about further refining concepts and phrasings, deepening personal connections, widening the network and already thinking about how to proceed when the climate plan will finally be written.

We're always looking for people to support us - if you want to participate, get in contact!

What's it about?

Because the government fails to take adequate action to face the climate crisis, the civil society has to act.

Together we will work on a climate plan containing realistic measures that are necessary to keep global warming below 1,5° C.

We see these measures as a chance for more social and global justice because the perspectives of many people can be incorporated in the process of writing, also yours. Our goal is to ensure that people who are exceedingly affected, as well as experts from social movements and sciences, participate in the writing process.

Together and in form of a demonstration we hand the grassroots climate plan to the government and demand its immediate implementation. If the government won’t realize the measures, we will stay in front of the Reichstag. We insist on our right to a future: We will stay, even if we are requested to leave. We’ll use the space we took for grassroots democratic self organization and if need be we are willing to realize the required measures ourselves!

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