Coordination Meeting

  • Date: 2019-02-25
  • Facilitator: Nathalie
  • Notary: Janina
  • Present: Thore, Anja, Tilmann, Doug, Michal, Chandi, Janina, Silvan, Nick, Matthias, Nathalie

1. People arriving and leaving

  • Monday: Anja is leaving today straight after CoMe
  • Tuesday: Lise and Bodhi arriving, Silvan will leave in the morning and come back at night
  • Wednesday:
  • Thursday:
  • Friday:
  • Saturday:
  • Sunday:
  • Monday:

2. Changes to Governance

  • none

3. Last week review

  • Present: 16.7 people / day ⬈ +2.29
  • Spent nights: 117 nights
  • Outdoor temperature (min|avg|max): -1.3 | 5.9 | 14.6 °C (7 days before: 1.2 | 5.6 | 16.1 °C)
  • Electricity usage: 5.4 € / day ⬈ +0.1 €
  • Electricity efficiency: 32.3 ct / day*person ⬈ -4.43 ct
  • Gas usage: 4.09 € / day ⬊ -0.12 €
  • Gas efficiency: 24.5 ct / day*person ⬈ -4.68 ct
  • Water usage: 3.66 € / day ⬈ +0.84 €
  • Water efficiency: 21.9 ct / day*person ⬊ +2.34 ct
Income (please check the shoe and the box jar):
  • no income
Things that happened
  • foodsharing hack week took place in Kanthaus
  • is open-source now and we had a great open-source party!
  • lots of people participated in the wupp-hours and many things were achieved!
    • work in the basement K22 continued
    • first scaffolding elements were built up
    • walls in free shop toilet were painted (..but the paint came off again :( )
    • upper staircase toilet sink unblocked
    • lots of foam transferred from the car to K22 attic
  • alcohol storage sorted
  • dragon room tidied up
  • Tilmanns family visited and had a good time! We had a nice long walk to Spitzberg on Saturday
  • Garden introduction and plan made by Janine

4. Evaluations and check-ins

  • Doug Member : 5 days until Absolute Days threshold (180)
  • Janina Member : 5 days until Absolute Days threshold (180)
  • Silvan Member : 1 days until Absolute Days threshold (180)

5. Upcoming

  • Weather forecast: Very sunny and dry at 0-15 degrees, a bit colder and cloudy (5-12 degrees) for the weekend
  • Monday
    • 15:30 Evalution Janina
    • ~16.30-18.00 building material pickup in Altenbach/Machern [Matthias, Doug]
    • 19:00 Women's choir [Janina]
  • Tuesday
    • 17:00 Repair Cafe [Matthias]
    • 19:00 Fairteiler [Janina, Nathalie and maaaaaybe Matthias]
  • Wednesday
    • 10-11 Shoe-Boxes pickup [Chandi]
    • 10:00 Wupphours
    • 17:30 Landgut Nemt via
    • after Dinner: Project Updates
  • Thursday
    • 10:00 Power Hour
    • 12:00 Evaluation Silvan
  • Friday
    • 12:00 Market pickup (active again!) (managed via foodsharing)
    • 15:00 roadmap review @ cloud room
    • 17:30 Landgut Nemt via
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
    • 15:00 sharing event @ cloud room
  • Next Monday
    • CoMe facilitator: [Janina]

6. Discussion (e.g. questions, proposals, updates, requests, etc)

  • [doug] Kantstraße-18 letter review please
  • [doug] roofing: I'm building plans, for the next seasons already
  • [silvan] It is cool to have clean sofas so it is a little uncool to put shoes or dirty barefoot on them.
  • [matthias/tilmann] brown bin emptying 28.2.! Matthias will try to think about it.
    • [nathalie] When the bin is empty, will we use the compost again?
    • [tilmann] Since we removed the threat we could do that, yes.
    • [nathalie] We don't seem to have a clear outcome here. We should also talk to Bodhi, who did seem to have an opinion on this. Would be great if we could get to an agreement until Wednesday.
  • [Lise/Bodhi?] kitchen pickup
    • [doug] potential further discussion in #kh-kitchendesign
  • [doug] washing-baton proposal: when you've had enough, give the gloves to someone else. In the next 30 mins, they should either start washing or give the gloves to someone else.
    • There are some concerns it could be annoying, but we might try..?
    • The main point is that sometimes the washing takes very long.
  • [Nathalie&Lise] what to keep from month of calm
    • opt-out cooking lottery?
      • Yes, lets! (Doug, Janina, Tilmann)
    • silence
      • Cooks decide
    • ❤ more sharing circles ❤
      • There's already one scheduled for this week
    • buffet-style for dinner
      • Cooks decide
  • [?] Using the piano room as living room, When many people here (Luisas visit / weekend 15-17.3)?
  • [Thore] What happens to the hackweek room now
    • [Chandi] The monitors should go and I would really want to have more of a living room atmosphere there.
    • [Janina] Yes, the monitors should go, but apart from that I think we will experiment with furniture there anyways.
    • [Nathalie] There are different aspects to this, also depending on timeframes. Let's meet at 11:15 in the piano room to decide the immediate next steps.
  • [matthias] coated pans (especially teflon) don't like high temperature (new pan already destroyed)
    • [nathalie] Make a nice new sign?
    • [doug] I have ideas.
  • [tilmann] which pad for next CoMe? -> facilitator decides and announces in #kanthaus?
    • [nick] The codimd pad on Kanthaus server is now managed by chandi, talk to him about it if necessary.
    • [doug] @janina: pad link soon please :)
  • [Tilmann] reminder about securing the solar battery pack in the office; would like to figure out solutions in next two weeks, otherwise remove it.
    • [matthias] It's disconnected for now.
    • [tilmann] We still should figure something out...


  • There will be a party at Anjas Flat on 6.3. after GRASSI Museum. Who wants to join Museum, Party? (for logistic organisatzion)
  • Luisas request: Heyhey! Friends of Mine and me want to make a street performance for the women’s strike at the 8th in Leipzig and need a place to be for 6 people from the 4th until the 9th! Could we stay at kanthaus?? :) warm greetings!
    • [Laurina] will also be there, probably already come a few days before. Would be good to have someone else hosting as well. and then giving Luisa an answer
    • [Tilmann] I replied and will take on hosting duties. Happy about support!
    • [Chandi] I'm also happy to support.
  • [doug] anyone else interested to do Melt?
    • [Lise] there is a foodsharing group on this you want to go there with foodsharing or save things after the festival?
    • [Nathalie] do we want to join a festival (with foodsharing) with kanthaus people?

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