Coordination Meeting

  • Date: 2020-08-24
  • Facilitator: Nathalie
  • Notary: chandi
  • Mika caretaker: Tilmann
  • Physical board caretaker: Lise
  • Digital calendar caretaker: Doug
  • Corona board updater:
  • Present: Maxime, Antonin, Chandi, Nathalie, Thore, Lise, Anja, Doug, Janina, Tilmann

1. Last week review

Resources used
  • Present: 13.3 people / day +6.0
  • Electricity: 3.03 € / day; +0.4 €
  • Water: 2.82 € / day; +0.1 €

Total cost per person per day: 44.05 ct -29.0 ct

Free electricity by sun: 1.21 € / day

  • 150€ (donation directly added to the box)
Team updates
  • Roof (Silvan, Tilmann):

    • Next task: install Plane on k22 garden side for gettting it rain proof
    • Inspect Plane: duct-tape holes
    • Attach climbing harness to steps
    • Tear down chimneys
    • Screw in Plane to Sparren on street side
    • Remove windows, snow-catchers and steps
    • Today 20:00 - gather in piano room to talk about roof updates and planning
    • could become a weekly event
  • Stuff (Bodhi, Matthias, Thore):

  • Rooms (Nathalie, Janina):

    • New bed in the dorm that replaces the palette construction next to the window
    • 2nd child bed assembled and put in the family room
    • matresses in fansipan and the private were swapped
Other things that happened
  • FFF Saxony congress happened
  • there was a party
  • creative drawing happened
  • we got cheese
  • the house is fuller again
  • last week's knowledge sharing session included external people

2. This week planning

People arriving and leaving
  • Mon.: chandi leaves, Jule arrives
  • Tue.: Jule leaves, Nick arrives, Anja leaves, Larissa comes back
  • Wed.:
  • Thu.: Matthias comes back, Stuart arrives, Larissa leaves again, Lise leaves
  • Fri.: Matthias' friends come visiting for the weekend
  • Sat.: Anja might come for the weekend
  • Sun.:
  • Some day: Silvan will comes back
Weather forecast

For the next days there will be times of sun and clouds, so maybe it will be sunny and cloudy. With 25deg max.

Evaluations and check-ins
  • Anja Volunteer : Absolute Days threshold 94/60 -> postponed
  • Chandi Member : Absolute Days threshold 209/180 -> postponed
  • Felix Visitor: Check-In
  • Monday
    • Afternoon: Felix Check-In
    • 20:00 - roof gathering (Piano room)
  • Tuesday
    • 16:00 - Open Tuesday - Corona version []
  • Wednesday
    • 14:00 foodsharing co-working
    • 18:00 Karrot Presentation
    • 19:00 Dinner & Game Evening
  • Thursday
    • 10:00 Power Hour (Fac.: [Maxime] Mus.: [])
    • 15:00 Sharing Event
  • Friday
    • 15:00 Thé francophone
    • 20:30 Project Updates
  • Saturday
    • Concert & Containercafé in Grimma's Spitzenfabrik
  • Sunday
    • 17:00 Theatre group
  • Next Monday
    • 10:00 CoMe [Doug]

to be scheduled: (when possible, avoid scheduling events at times that would conflict with being part of the cooking team: 17:00->19:00)

  • foodsharing Wurzen Co-Working
    • gets scheduled in a small group after CoMe

3. Shopping plans

4. Discussion & Announcements

  • [Janina, Thore] Launch lunch subgroup. Idea: People who like lunch to be a real meal at 1 pm every weekday come together and share cooking/preparation responsibility. This would not be instead on making dinner but in addition. The amount would be oriented at the amount of people who are in the subgroup, so not everybody. Let's try it out this week - who is in?
    • Committed people: janina, nathalie, tilmann, antonin, thore
  • [Doug] Proposal: promote roof to 'house project' status. I would like the roof work to be collectively considered as a project of Kanthaus until it is done. This would mean all residents share responsibility for it to be done. Having this agreement would help me feel more confident to ask and prod people. I imagine something like powerhour: everyone is recommended to join in, should have a reason not too, and only need to do more than 2 hours per week if they want to.
    • [chandi] dangeroes to lift up some work a lot (roof!) and other not (garden, care work, wifi,...)
    • [janina] difference is that the roof is quite time pressuring and some people are way more burdenend by it than others. on the other hand it's also dangerous and could be destructuve even to 'force' people to do roof work especially if they're not in the topic
    • [doug] I also have concerns,I just don't want to feel like I need to ask people again and again to help with this and would rather give it an explicit status.
    • [tilmann] the name 'house project' maybe sounds wrong.
    • [nathalie] the discussion is bigger than come and will be continued outside of it
  • [lise] How do handle the FFF-people in the residence-record? Until now they're not in there
    • [chandi] they are now ;)
  • [Janina for Nick] ecotopia stuff
    • He will take his bike trailer back
    • Can we store 2 crates and a bike trailer of ecotopia stuff here which could be used
    • -> no resistance
  • [lise] The ukuvote has results:
  • [Anja] there is an event happening in Leipzig on Tuesday between 1 pm and 3 pm on Augustusplatz because of world-2nd-hand day
  • [Anja,Lise] Garden
    • [Anja] I will start working next week and might have little time for Kanthaus :/ Please harvest things from the garden regularly and water them! I'm happy to give another tour for the autumn/winter veggies.
    • [Lise] i'll be gone at the same time when anja is not in KH. Both gardens need to be harvested and watered. Would be nice if somebody could imagine doing that until mid september.
    • If there is no rain, watering is necessary every second day
    • Janina will create a new watering plan and put it in the dining room
  • [Nathalie] Corona calender. I felt a bit overwhelmed last week to take care of it/ have an eye on it. Can we all make it work again?
    • [doug] Should we formally stop it?
    • [janina] We maybe should rather have a corona meeting again and discuss that.
  • [Doug] I have removed all calendar reminders. I found lots of unnecessary notifications bad for my digital health. Can add specific reminders back by request.
  • [Nathalie] power hour DJ set-up. Last Thursday we had a bit of troubles again
  • [Tilmann] I removed the carpet in the bathroom because it's often wet and I don't like to step on wet things there. Better use towels if you want to step on the floor with wet feet, they dry faster.
  • [Janina] On Wednesday we present Karrot at the metagovernance seminar. It's a videocall open to interested people everywhere. You can join if you want :)
  • [Tilmann] Janina wanted to make a MCM date proposal
    • Proposal: 2020-09-16
    • provisional already in the calendar, will be confirmed in next come
  • foodsharing events in the weekly schedule?
    • will be discussed in the foodsharing small group after come

5. Task lottery


  • Mon.: Lise
  • Tue.: Maxime, Thore
  • Wed.: Antonin
  • Thu.: Tilmann
  • Fri.:
  • Open Tuesday:


  • Mon. not:
  • Tue. not: Janina
  • Wed. not: Janina, Tilmann
  • Thu. not:
  • Fri. not:
  • Open Tuesday not: Janina
  • Week not: Anja, chandi

6. For next week

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