In 2019 many things happened in and around Kanthaus. In the first week of January 2020 Lise, Janina and I took the time to go through last year's CoMe minutes, chat logs and photos to compile a short review. Here's what we got.

2019 in numbers

(2018 for comparison)

  • 208 unique people (252)

  • 3798 nights spent (3652)

  • 18.26 nights per person (14.49)

  • 10.41 people per day (10.01)

  • 44 evaluations (61)

  • 13.12 kwh electricity per day (6.00)

  • 53 liters water per day (47 liters)

  • 970 m³ gas (1318 m³)

  • 15 Kanthausians (+2)

    • 11 Members (+5)

Slack messages

5200 slack messages in 11 channels -> 11.5 messages per day (2018: 4200 messages)


  • association meetings
  • chandi became member
  • lise became member
  • winter of karrot
  • KMW welding for TÜV
  • utopival meeting
  • month of calm starts!
  • beginning of dinner lottery
  • basement storage moved from K22 to K20, triggered start of Wupp Hours
  • talks about project pressure and gender roles
  • Bodhi's and Tais' backstory
  • birth of uavcan-web a.k.a kanthaus-server web interface image
  • 3d printer and cnc mill arrived


  • snow!
  • clara and nick became volunteers
  • foodsharing board meeting
  • foodsharing hackweek
  • we bought a scaffolding
  • luisa visited us and told us about Villa Locomuna money systems
  • don't-ocracy session
  • money proposals session
  • WIFI access in K22
  • play fight session
  • findus cat painting in sleep kitchen


  • roof tile pickup
  • foodsharing-auf-festivals vorbereitungstreffen
  • BUND müllsammelaktion
  • foodsharing t-shirt printing
  • preparing for roof renovations
  • undjetzt-meeting
  • kitchen drying rack
  • start of food rationing system
  • free shop progress
  • compost toilet prototype


  • open tuesday opening video
  • more rainwater collection!
  • bufdi start
  • jar size norm introduced


  • new logo
  • foodsharing extended board meeting
  • move planning meeting
  • mdr spot about foodsharing with nathalie video
  • we got the apple tree
  • the dumpster food dishwasher was installed
  • ukuvote about the roof
  • private shoe shelf
  • undjetzt and utopival meeting in almost empty kanthaus
  • move building week in harzgerode
  • foodsharing festival planning meeting


  • nathalie became member!
  • thore became member!
  • clara became member!
  • ende gelände audio engineering meetup
  • radio mephisto recorded clara for a report about kanthaus
  • kaffeekränzchen #2 in kanthaus
  • the fight against the moths started
  • the high shelves were built in K22
  • move planning meeting


  • kanthaus mostly empty due to move and auerworld
  • inventaire + opendata week
  • family room emerged
  • lighting killed the house bus


  • lots of food and stuff arrived from auerworld, foodsharing festival and highfield
  • the highbed and elephant appeared in the elephant room
  • new wifi setup


  • hosting of FFF Wurzen meetings started
  • many kanthausians participated in FFF Wurzen's die-in
  • almost all kanthausians went to climate strike in Leipzig
  • A lot of building, deconstructing, rearranging, painting, fixing (hipster room, moomins, bitumen-roof, attic-wood, staircase, Möbelfundus...)
  • tilmann put a lot of work in attic & hipster room
  • the 1st ever MCM (mega/meta/master coordination meeting to plan a whole year)
  • Sommerfest: We celebrated our first Sommerfest with ~40 people, disco soup, live music, fire and fancy lights! :D
  • Lise and Silvan saved a lot of food from the food bank in Grimma and established good contact to them


  • Nathalie reorganized the freeshop sorting room & later made a cafe out of it
  • Cups were moved to the living room
  • Silvan storage is emptied and renamed as baby bathroom!
  • money focused-sharing circle
  • Schaukasten got destroyed
  • Thore and Nathalie brought a Brotkorb


  • heating started again!
  • scaffolding teardown video
  • implementing of knowledge sharing session by maxime
  • We had the first ever sleeping arrangements plenum and it was very beneficial with so many people here
  • while group was here we needed to find solutions for sleeping (private communal, bunk bed built)
  • generally calm month related to topics, but quite a lot of groups & visitors


  • more partying-going out (bar night, villa klug evenings, kitchen parties)
  • lots of sorting (after tries from tilmann & doug, bodhi finishes the intermediate storage, winter section), improving (bike locks, soap holders)
  • got less and less people
  • day of light with great outcome
  • LAN-Christmas
  • New Year's Eve

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