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When I need a break from life in Kanthaus, a quick bike outing is generally very effective. Is it the fresh air? The pleasure to glide smoothly on impeccable cycle paths? The eye contact with random people on the street? I do not know exactly, but it just works. Without those journeys on the saddle, pandemic life would be pretty unbearable to me.

When cycling in Wurzen, the chances that you encounter a care home are high. Nearly one Wurzener in three is 65 or older and the town is no exception to the aging trend. You can find at least 10 homes in Wurzen and more of them are getting built. When I cycle past them, I can see some light behind the curtains and sometimes even someone at the window. For most of the occupiers, grabbing a bike to escape the daily routine is not an option. The pandemic has forced a monastic isolation on them, on top of their mobility restrictions.

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