CANCELLED: Roof construction week


UPDATE: The roof construction week is cancelled. We want to help to slow down the spread of the corona virus. The best way seems to be to limit social contact in the next weeks.

But our roof still needs work. Expect another construction week in May

Old announcement:

It continues, this time mainly in the fresh air. Together with you we want to prepare our roof for the renovation: that means putting up a scaffolding, removing the chimney, removing bitumen and much more! But don't worry, we wont be working 12 hours a day, there will also be pleanty of community time :)

People working on the roof

The building week will take place from 22 to 29 March at Kantstraße 20, 04808 Wurzen. You are welcome to arrive already on the 21st (Saturday), preferably in the afternoon. On Sunday we will prepare the work and on Monday we will really start.

You don't need to bring any sleeping clothes or tools. Are you still not sure if you can help? Then just come along anyway, we'll find something! If you are afraid of heights - no problem! There's plenty to do on the ground.

Planned are tasks like putting up our scaffolding, tearing off bitumen roofing, temporarily securing the roof with tarp agaist rain, tearing down the chimney, and so on.

If you can imagine to come, sign up for the poll and leave us some contact information, if we don't have any yet. Since we make a structure for the week and start with an introduction, it would be ideal if you can be there before Monday.

Any more questions? Write us at hello@kanthaus.online!

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