CANCELLED: Trustroots hackweek


UPDATE: The in-person hackweek is provisionally cancelled. We want to help to slow down the spread of the corona virus. The best way seems to be to limit social contact in the next weeks.

We are thinking about how an online version of the event could look like.

The cooler sibling of Couchsurfing invites for a hackweek! Trustroots is a free and open source hospitality platform that comes with a community of travelers, hitchhikers, changemakers and generally open-minded people.

Here's the text from the original invitation:


Trustroots is still going strong since the launch back in 2014, but keeping momentum is these kind of projects is hard, we've been having a bit of a reboot of the team, now that some of the founders are less available with the usual family and work commitments.

We've been having regular video meetings for the last few months, and want to connect more with each other and the wider community of users to help build the future of Trustroots. This is a really crucial time for defining the future of the platform, there are many ideas and many directions.

Not many platforms manage to be free from commercialization or data violations, so please, help us to keep Trustroots resilient!


So! A hackweek, a week long self-organised event where we can come together for talking, dreaming, coding, cooking, walking, and more.


11th April 2020 to 19th April 2020 (inclusive)


In Germany, near Leipzig. We'll send the details later.

Who can come?

Space is limited and we want to have good focus, so first complete this short questionnaire where we find out a bit more about you, then we will invite up to 20 people once we have collected enough responses.

If you are not a coder, don't think hackweeks are just for coders, there are many different activities!

If we don't choose to invite you to the hackathon due to space constraints we will still invite you to join our slack channel so you can get involved in the project.

Where will I sleep, what will I eat, etc...?

It's being held in a community house project, accommodation is free, and a mix of dorms, communal sleeping, and a small number of private rooms available.

Food is saved, and free, your dietary needs will be accommodated :) We will expect your participation in food preparation and other "domestic" tasks as needed throughout the week.

How can I take part?

Fill in your details in the survey following the original invitation!

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