CANCELLED: foodsharing.de hackweek


UPDATE: The in-person hackweek is provisionally cancelled. We want to help to slow down the spread of the corona virus. The best way seems to be to limit social contact in the next weeks.

We are thinking about how an online version of the event could look like.

It's time for another foodsharing hackweek!

Hackweeks are very productive times for foodsharing development, in previous hackweeks we managed to make it open source, fix vulnerabilities, add new features, introduce cool new frameworks, and more. You can read about our very first hackweek almost two years ago, and another later that year.

And you can clearly see the spikes in commits...

(well, hackweeks or other coding gatherings...)

It's also nice to get together! Working on foodsharing is usually a solitary activity, but being together really helps build the feeling of being in a team and being supportive.

I, for one, love to dress all in green and explain things to people, as you can see below:

This isn't one of the those caffeine-powered all-nighter hackathons, we have a whole week and we take time to cook and eat nice food together, go for a walk or a swim, play some music together, talk about life...

... if you prefer to just sit and stare at your screen like Chandi and Matthias below, thats cool too! :sunglasses:

And super important is to understand that hackweeks aren't just for techies/developers, there are sooooo many topics that would be great to discuss, and get a bit more communication between the dev and community sides of foodsharing.

Or if you want to just come and work on your foodsharing-related project and soak up the productive vibe, that's great!

Some basic details

When - 25th April to 3rd May 2020 Where - Kanthaus in Wurzen, near Leipzig, (see https://kanthaus.online/contact for address and travel details) Sleeping - there is space in kanthaus for up to 20 guests, add yourself to the pad below Eating - this is foodsharing, there will be lots of food right? ... but maybe you can help co-ordinate this to work nicely, write so in the pad

Sounds great, sign me up!

This time we're going all self-organised on you, so here is a collaborative pad you can use to register yourself and your interests https://codi.kanthaus.online/foodsharing-hackweek?edit

We're also organising in the #foodsharing-hackweek channel at https://slackin.yunity.org/ - so please join there too!

This can't happen without your help, so please participate in the whole process.

Looking forward to seeing you all :heart:

says Nick

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