Room Assignment Meeting

Date: 2017-09-22 Present: Bodhi, Matthias, Doug, Laurina Notary: Doug

The was a lot of discussion... The following outcomes were unanimously accepted.

Room assignment until Spring 2018 (2018-03-01)


  • k20-0
    • k20-0-1: Spülraum
    • k20-0-2: Silent desk room (new)
  • k20-1
    • k20-1-1: Bathroom
    • k20-1-2: Kitchen
    • k20-1-3: Living room
    • k20-1-4: Office
    • k20-1-5: Tool room
  • k20-1#: Toilet
    • k20-2
    • k20-2-1: Bathroom
    • k20-2-2: Dorm (new) [DDT treatment required]
    • k20-2-3: Communal sleeping
    • k20-2-4: Personal storage
    • k20-2-5: Private sleeping


  • k22-0
    • k22-0-1: Materials storage
    • k22-0-3: Furniture storage
    • k22-0-4: Item storage
    • k22-0-5: Storage
  • k22-2
    • k22-2-3: Private sleeping (new)

Additionally, k20-0-3 and k20-0-4 were clearly not intended for storage, but rather for groups/seminars/yoga/sharing-circles/etc. However, the precise details were not agreed upon. Please discuss with others before changing assigned rooms. Please ensure unassigned rooms are clean before experimenting.

Additionally, it was agreed to put off break-throughs, floor replacements and other large de/construction until Spring.


Design principles

The following two principles emerged:

  • Periphery permits privacy. Rooms which are higher and outer naturally have less flow.
  • Certainty is proportional to complexity, distance into future, number of stages, etc.

Sleeping space intentions

It came up that making sleeping space intentions clearer is important, specifically reducing discomfort and distraction for people wanting to sleep. Whether this is done by signs/induction remains to be seen.

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