Coordination Meeting

  • Date: 2017-09-25
  • Facilitator: Laurina
  • Notary: Laurina
  • Present: Jnaina, Tilmann, Doug, Wolfi, Matthias, Bodhi, Laurina
  1. People coming:
    • Max & Mona on Tuesday
    • Ollie maybe on sunday
  2. People leaving:
    • Bodhi on wednesday
    • Tilman and Janina on thursday
    • Matthias and Laurina and Friday until Monday
    • Doug and Wolfi leave for the Könnern party on Friday maybe until Saturday
  3. New Volunteers: none
  4. New Members: none
  5. Changes to Constitution: none
  6. Changes to Collective Agreements: none
  7. Points of information (e.g. announcements, events, etc)

    • next CoMe on tuesday 10am

    • please notice the new room plans. Storage is in K22 now

    • pull the tap in the bathroom k20-1 while turning to avoid uncontrolled increasing of water

    • Waste collection: yellow sack on friday, bring out during cleaning party

    • Food pickups: (see!/group-info/28)

    • "Dear all, My name is Ollie Nathan and I am interested in your housing project. I will be joining you on Sunday or Monday next week. I wish to carry out a little bit of research with you. I hope to carry out 1:1 interviews followed by potentially 1 group interview. (each running for 15/20 minutes). I am interested in learning more about alternative housing and exposing the narratives of individuals involved. My experience thus far is mostly with co-ops. I hope that this work can contribute towards a spring board built up to inspire and strengthen others to start up similar projects like yours. The vision is to accelerate a movement towards equity and sharing. Info shared can be kept anonymous and I will be happy to talk in person about how the information will be shard and used. Feel free to take part, not take part, ask questions etc ;-) Thanks and see you soon, Ollie Nathan."

    • Foodsharing introduction meetup

    • Matthias spent 2 days cleaning K22, keep that in mind

    • Bodhi meeting around 12:30h today

    • Digital Infrastructure Improvement Meeting, Tuesday 14:00 in the living room K20 [Laurina]

  8. Points for discussion (e.g. questions, proposals, etc):

    • Question: how to synchronize confidential information? [Doug] In meetings with special notice not to wrote down, or in sharing rounds,etc.

    • Proposal for Collective agreements changes:

    • Power Hour "We meet every Thursday at 10:00 to roughly prioritize and allocate communal cleaning tasks and then work on those tasks for the next hour. This is an addition to ordinary cleaning, not a replacement!" [Doug, Matthias]

    • Coordination Meeting "We meet every Monday at 10:00 (sharp) to distribute information, make plans and generally coordinate. The facilitator (appointed last meeting) is encouraged to remind people about the meeting, start it on time, moderate if necessary and ensure it doesn't go on past 11:00." [Doug, Wolfi]

    • Visitors policy: As in flow chart, bring up meetings during during CoMes. [Laurina, Doug]

    • Proposal for constituional changes:

    • Autonomy -> Self-Determination The reason being to reduce confusion. In Germany 'autonomy' is often connected with groups which are radical, violent and very leftwing. [Doug, Laurina, Janina]

    • NAME -> Kanthaus When the constitution was written, the group didn't have a name. [Doug, Laurina, Janina, Matthias]

    • Processes: collection of Proposals on a pad until Thursday night, use Ukuvota (?) for voting, repeat inform people on #kanthaus

    • Proposal: no more item/furniture pickups until we've organized the stuff we a - Proposal: no more item/furniture pickups until - Proposal: no more item/furniture pickups until - Proposal: no more item/furniture pickups untillready have. [Doug] rejected

    • We need more shelves and cabinets, preferrably no pressspan

    • We will do a carrying and sorting party soon, at the latest tomorrow

    • Commited tasks:

    • Wolfi improves Ukovota

    • Bodhi wants to finish the upstairs cabinet

    • Clean and paint upstairs kitchen

  9. Next facilitator: Matthias (next CoMe will be on Tuesday at 10am)

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