Coordination Meeting

  • Date: 2017-10-09
  • Facilitator: Max
  • Notary:
  • Present: Laurina, Silja, Matthias, Mona, Doug and Max

1. People coming this week

  • Silja
  • Chandi
  • Nick

2. People leaving this week

  • Laurina and Silja on Thursday

3. New Volunteers

  • Mona
  • Max

4. New Members

5. Changes to Constitution

6. Changes to Collective Agreements

7. Information (e.g. announcements, events, etc)

  • Waste collection: Yellow sack on Friday. (see
  • Food pickups: Landgut Nemt on Wednesday at 18:00 and Friday at 18:30. (see!/group/28)
  • No milk these days at Lantgut Nemt as it is the milk from the school and there is school holidays
  • NDK event tonight (Monday) 6-8pm about clothes production (Laurina)
  • Osina Wehner form the Tafel/Zuversicht e.V. coming on Tuesday at 5pm (getting to know us better, finding out more matches -> working together)
  • Game night + food on Tuesday from 18:30, neighbours invited (Sven , Nicole and Maxi) + Osina Wehner (from the Tafel/Zuversicht e.V.) + Jule (from Villa Klug) + Jörg Wunderlich (who is a reporter and will do some recording if people give their consent)
  • We can go to the small garden to pick up more stuff that the lady wants to get rid of (e.g. greenhouse, etc), today (Monday) at 14:00
  • Meeting with Siri about funding on Monday 12:00, Laurina, Matthias and Mona are going
  • Animal/ speciecism/ food talk from 10:00 to 12:00 on Wednesday (how to move forward with dumpsterdiving, cooking, eating and communication)
  • Marcus comes on Wednesday at 13:00 to look at the wood structure of the roof
  • Power hour moved this week to Tuesday 10:00
  • Doug wants to do a 'share and tell' to give information about things he wants to give to the Commons, probably during/after some communal meal. (Doug)
  • Doug made short doc to try and de-complexify food sorting/using by clarifying categories: Looking for feedback.
  • Doug says that he will not commit to any tasks on Saturdays and Sundays

8. Discussion (e.g. questions, proposals, etc)

  • Invitation from Kleingarten association for Friday at 18:00 -> say hello, say a bit about ourselves (values, goals, how we work), get the connection, find out who they are, what conditions would be, what their limits are. Laurina and/or Matthias is/are going to send an email to the Kleingarten to check whether there is another possibility to meet them another time, if not somebody will go (Matthias, Doug?, Mona?)

  • proposal to make an informational sheet about the people involved, in private gitlab and folder in the house (, information (Laurina), people can feel free to answer/share any information they wish

  • proposal: to include 'concern' in our collective language. Whilst resistance means direct opposition to a stated action, a concern is a hypothetical opposition to a side-effect.

  • Commited tasks:

    • Doug is going to clean the jars we collected
    • Silje will prepare apple puree with the collected apples and pears
    • (tasks people have said they want to do this week)

9. Next facilitator

  • Matthias

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