Coordination Meeting

  • Date: 2017-10-16
  • Facilitator: Matthias
  • Notary: Matthias
  • Present: Max, Mona, Doug, Nick, Matthias

1. People coming this week

  • Silvan (Tuesday?)
  • Shandi (?)
  • Daniel (Early next week, 23.+)

2. People leaving this week

  • Matthias (friday, coming back on monday)

3. New Volunteers


4. New Members


5. Changes to Constitution

  • None yet, second round of decision to commence.

6. Changes to Collective Agreements

  • CoMe section updated to be less authoritarian, minimal Visitors policy added and some small rewordings.

7. Information (e.g. announcements, events, etc)

  • Waste collection: possible rest waste on Tuesday. (see
  • Will get a 240l organic bin this or next week, that can be emptied every 2 weeks
  • Food pickups: Landgut Nemt on Wednesday at 18:00 and Friday at 18:30. (see!/group/28)
  • Laurina went to the local library last week. A short update from her: Hey guys ;-) I went to the library and found out that it is possible to make a library card for 15€ for one year. This is also possible to make in the name of an association like wandel würzen e.V. then this card can be give to any trusted peron to use it. But I didn't do it in the end because then we would only be allowed to borrow things that we need for our work with the association! Therefor we would not be able to get DVDs or novels or other things for personal enjoyment... I would suggest people who would want to get things from our library to get a private card on their name and then be able to get media for others as well. Greets and cheers, Laurina
  • Energy update: Despite lots of sun hours and nearly no use, our batteries did not fully recharge yesterday -> not more than 150-300 Wh per day
    • Internet: 120 Wh per day
    • Kitchen light: 15 Wh per hour
    • Office light: 6 Wh per hour
    • Recharge rechargeable batteries: 2 Wh/piece
    • Charging things through Inverter: 4 Wh per hour + 1.2 * [Energy of that thing] -> Mac Charging, 2 hours: ~95 Wh
    • Charging thinkpad, 6 cell: ~70 Wh
    • Bicycle charging, 20 Minutes: ~15-25 Wh
    • Boiling one liter of water: 100 Wh (we do that with gas...)

8. Discussion (e.g. questions, proposals, etc)

  • Cleaning Hour? -> Thursday, 10 am
  • Proposal to add positions flow diagram (current) to website [Laurina, Doug]
  • Lise has questions concerning the foodsharing festival meeting (27-31.10.):
  • sleeping (is the 3rd floor open for guests or is it better to use K22 with air matresses? Can participants sleep where they want -> using K22 as well as sleeping rooms in 3rd floor?)
  • eating & cooking (I would really like to cook and eat with all people staying in kanthaus during our meeting, if its possible (at least dinner). would you as visitors & members of kanthaus be fine with this idea or do you want any seperations?)
  • proposal: sheet for groups with their information to let the kanthaus know, what people are coming & what they're expecting / planning during their stay. I will also design a sheet which i can send to the participants telling them, what they can expect in kanthaus (e.g. cold water, saved food) and asking them for their wishes (e.g. sleeping alone / in one room, dietary requierements, what food they are maybe bringing, willing to cook)
  • Proposal to have 1-2 common house building blocks per week, where all people in the house are asked to participate in building activities. [matthias] Decision for one building block, Tuesday, 2pm and from there see how it goes.
  • Proposal to have regular outreading of issues. Or another way of making people aware of what is being able to be done? [matthias] Let's try the building block first.
  • Something about having some more (or regular) circle things for sharing feelings/emotions/states, etc. sharing circle, whatever... [nick] -> schedule in coordination meeting. This week: Thursday, 7pm
  • Piano! ... just want to motivate myself (and others to progress) [nick]
  • warm shower introduction [matthias]: Matthias is happy to introduce people into how the warm shower system works.
  • Doug wants the 3rd food/veganism discussion to happen. Suggestion: Wednesday at 10am
  • Commited tasks: Tuesday, 2pm: repair block (focus: roof)

9. Next facilitator


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