Coordination Meeting

  • Date: 2017-10-23
  • Facilitator: Nick
  • Notary: Nick
  • Present: Nick, Cille, Doug, Chandi, Mona, Max

1. People coming this week

  • Matthias (23rd)
  • Silvan (23rd)
  • Janina (~24th or maybe 25th)
  • Daniel (~ 25th)
  • Max (returns on 29th)
  • Foodsharing group arrives on Friday

2. People leaving this week

  • Max (26th - 29th)

3. New Volunteers

  • none (Cille and Nick can apply, Nick might)

4. New Members

  • none

5. Changes to Constitution

  • none (second round of ongoing decision to go ahead → please make sure Doug/someone does this this week!)

6. Changes to Collective Agreements

  • none

7. Decisions on dates for this week

  • Power Hour (default: Thursday, 10am)
  • Meeting about group thing (Tuesday 3pm)
  • Building block (Tuesday 10am)
  • Piano pickup hopefully (Tuesday 6.30pm-7.30 is pickup slot)
  • Foodsharing meeting (26th 7pm) -
  • Sharing circle (Wednesday 7pm)
  • Wednesday (main day) /Thursday/Friday building/activities days at Villa Klug (sp?)
  • Foodsharing group arrives on Friday
  • Nicole and Sven maybe some trees/garden/stuff on Friday, ask Doug
  • weekly talk either about Harassment or Data Privacy (will decide during talk) (after lunch, 2pm-ish)

7. Information (e.g. announcements, events, etc)

  • Waste collection: Gelber sack on Friday
  • Decision on which online communication tool to use resulted in the continuation of the yunity Slack group It's worth mentioning that there was no result which no one opposed (i.e. each option was opposed by at least somebody): it would be worth reevaluating this topic in the future. [Doug]
  • Building week at Villa Klug: something for anyone/everyone, Wednesday is the focal day. [Doug]
  • Svenicole have a new garden! They get it on the weekend and would be happy for a small work party. [Doug]
  • Sven gets a kitchen this week... the idea of having a pizza party has already been seeded. [Doug]
  • Daniel is a good person to talk to about mechanical/engineering things... [Doug]
  • Group hosting meeting on tuesday at 3pm (with Janina and Laurina on skype)

8. Discussion (e.g. questions, proposals, etc)

  • [Mona] (related to the talks on veganism/speciesism [Doug])
    • searching feedback and proposals on the document within the next week (so by 30th) ((via whichever mechanism you like)
    • announce in slack
  • Proposal: add basic entity relationship diagram to website [Doug]
    • all good!
  • Discussion: data privacy. If we have the website as a central, public point, expect people to read it. We need a high level of detail for info to be useful, do we want any person to have this?
    • wasn't sure about what information is possible to put public... desire for a more rationalized approach (imagine all the key members of society visiting/seeing the content online)
  • Discussion: house manual. We now have docs on kitchen use, waste, food rationalization and general recommendations... [Doug]
    • [Nick] maybe add a gitbook "Kanthaus Handbook" (doug will proceed) -reorganising kitchen [Mona], cloth storage [?]
    • hard for larger numbers of people (maybe add eating facilities in kitchen, maybe more specific cutting space, looking for carrying help)
    • maybe this week is too busy? (but will try and do it early this week, if not next week)
  • upstairs storage room
    • private storage? more people?
    • maybe triggers discussion about private storage
    • try and move some of the new storage in k22 into the room
    • some disagreement about having things in the corridor
    • maybe is leak water / mould inside the little room in bathroom (something B) -courtyard/garden proposal [Mona]
    • would need a few months of prep work, to be ready for growing in the spring
    • future more specific work to be co-ordinated in the future
  • carboard thing in kitchen about vegan stuff [Nick]
    • tricky topic, not time now, nick feels uncomfortable
    • move to post meeting discussion
  • Opinions on sharing circles [Doug]
    • can be very different, is still possible to include larger groups of people (or visiting people)
    • you never have to be more open than you want
    • concerns that it can go on for a very long time (people break up when >8 people sometimes)
    • is it exlusionary to have it with just "us" (who is us), can be for self organisation, so it's ok
      • chandi would enjoy more having less breakdown between kanthaus people and guests
    • Cille agrees to ideas but it might not happen like that in reality
    • some interest from doug/cille/chandi to explore the topic more perhaps?
  • extension cord from Sven [Chandi]
    • matthias does not want to overuse his hospitality (maybe we will really need it one day)
    • library option is another one, NDK is another option
    • chandi would appreciate more access to electricity

9. Next facilitator


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