Coordination Meeting

  • Date: 2017/10/30
  • Facilitator: Mona
  • Notary:
  • Present: Matthias, Nick, Max, Cille, Silvan, Doug, Daniel, Flo, Bernd, Tina, Berit, Wolfi, Anja

1. People coming

  • Friend of Max & Mona Wendesday or Thursday
  • 2 Friends of Cille Wednesday or Thursday

2. People leaving

  • Festival meeting group, Nick

3. New Volunteers

  • Nick & Cille

4. New Members

  • None

5. Changes to Constitution

  • None

6. Changes to Collective Agreements

  • None

7. Information (e.g. announcements, events, etc)

  • Waste collection: (see )
  • Food pickups: (see!/group-info/28 <--- copy and paste into browser as it incorrectly things it's an XSS thing)

8. Discussion (e.g. questions, proposals, etc)

  • Thursday, on 5 pm projects presentation by Daniel (needs beamer)
  • Electricians will come next weekend. There is a lot of preparation work. More tools will arrive Wednesday. The preparation needs two to three days of work. Matthias needs help (one or two persons). People should go see Matthias if interested in helping. One building block is scheduled for Tuesday, 2pm.
  • Neighbors invited us to use their garden Garden is located in 20 minutes walking distance. There are possibilities to collaborate in the garden.
  • Room ventilation / open windows / doors (see Close doors in staircase. Try to pass-through ventilate rooms when necessary (cooking, when you see condensation).
  • Cille proposes authentic relation games instead of sharing circle. She hosts the games on Wednesday at 8 pm. For your information: the level of sharing can be more intense than sharing circle
  • Wednesday talk at 10 am: Harassment policy. Brainstorming.
  • Power hour on Monday 2 pm; feel free to join the cleaning party
  • Acro Yoga Monday 4 pm ish

Commited tasks:(tasks people have said they want to do this week)

  • Building block on Tuesday 2 pm

9. Next facilitator

  • Cille

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