Retrospective for the Foodsharing Festival Meeting Kanthaus

Participants: Doug, Nick, Cille, Mona, Max, Flo, Birta, Berndt, Tina, Matthias, Silvan, x, y. Facilitator: Doug

The Foodsharing Festival Meeting was the first planned event at Kanthaus for an external group. Getting feedback was therefore deemed to be particularly relevant.

  1. Intro: a brief description of retrospective purpose and theory, a wish for constructive/non-judgemental setting and a reading of 'the Prime Directive'.
  2. Planetary orbit game: everyone was first asked to silently select another person, then to circle that person 3 times. Chaos! Fun! Wahh!
  3. Triangular graph: three corners of the room were marked as 'Kanthaus', 'Foodsharing Festivals Meeting' and 'Personal/Other.' People were asked to orient themselves in the room according to how much time they felt they spent on those topics.
  4. Splitting into small groups: 3 smaller groups were formed by numbering in a spiral from the outside.
  5. Individual reflection: everyone was asked to reflect on the questions "What was liked?', 'What wasn't liked?', and 'What would have been liked?' and recorde their answers on paper.
  6. Small group reflection: Individuals were invited to discuss similarities and differences between their individual reflections.
  7. Reflection summary: everyone re-grouped and then a spokesperson for each group summarised the outstanding points which were–
    • What was liked?
    • The party. The decoration, music and energy.
    • Having AC power the whole time.
    • A friendly and energetic atmosphere.
    • Amazing food and people who make food.
    • What wasn't liked?
    • The back-door to 22 being so often closed and with so few keys.
    • Confusion of sleeping rooms and where people are meant to sleep.
    • Difficult to find peace/focus/do external work.
    • Too much noise in/around sleeping rooms whilst people trying to sleep.
    • What would have been liked?
    • More personal talks.
    • Group walk outside.
    • A bit more structure.
  8. Round of appreciation: individuals that wanted to gave appreciation to individuals, events, phenomena, etc.

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