Coordination Meeting

  • Date: 2017-11-06
  • Facilitator: Cille
  • Notary: Cille
  • Present: Matthias, Vince, Tilmann, Janina, Mona, Maxime, Loumi, friend of Mona and Loumi, Doug, Cille

1. People coming

  • chandi comes back today evening (6.11) and a good frind, findus, would visit him (and these lovely people he always talks about) from 7.11-10.11
  • David & Manuel from foodsharing visit us ~Tuesday for 1-2 days

2. People leaving

  • Matthias Thursday or Friday until Monday (going to berlin)
  • Doug leaving thursday or Friday, coming back next week
  • Vince leaving on Thursday
  • Cille probably leaving at the end of the week
  • Max probably leaving at the end of the week

3. New Volunteers

  • none

4. New Members

  • none

5. Changes to Constitution

  • none yet (result in 9 hours)

6. Changes to Collective Agreements


7. Information (e.g. announcements, events, etc)

  • Waste collection: (see Friday: yellow sacks

  • Food pickups: suggestion of doing the wednesday pickup (Janina/Mona)

  • Power hour: Wednesday, 10:00

  • Sharing event( e.g. sharing circle, authentic relation games etc): guided sharing circle at 19:00 (Cille)

8. Discussion (e.g. questions, proposals, etc)

  • Are there any urgent tasks for this week?
    • Matthias continues to work on preparing the house for getting power supply and would like help
  • Are there any tasks people want to commit to this week?
    • Shifting wood from garden to shet (Doug, Cille, Janina, Tillmann, Loumi)
  • Proposal: If there are one or more newcomers to a CoMe, the facilitator should give a brief (<2 minutes) introduction to the meeting and then invite newcomer(s) to introduce themselves (e.g. name, what they want to do, etc.) [Doug]
  • Proposal: If there are observers to the CoMe (e.g. some people from a seminar group) then the active participants form an inner circle. [Doug]
    • No resistance
  • Opinion: It's pretty unlikely to successfully host more than 2 house meetings in a day. People generally underestimate the time it takes for people to communicate, notify, eat, sleep, shit, rest, play, etc. [Doug]
    • Vince points out to keep in mind who is deciding who is an observer, the person themselves or a volunteer/member.
    • Mona mentions that she found it desturbing that someone else was editing the pad while she was facilitating last week. Different oppinions about how to handle the notary task, some like the fact that it is possible to co-edit others would like to finish editing before someone else starts editing. A good idea is to communicate your preferences or ask the notary before co-editing.
  • Talk about shared ass towel (Loumi)
    • Proposal to wash towels and underwear by high temperature - meeting about the topic next week
  • towel naming /usage policy [Matthias]
    • Matthias will make a manual
  • Proposal to do daily, optional check ins, default 10am, should not be more than 5-10 minutes [Matthias] (goal would be to get support from others when they know what's going on)
    • No resistance from the group, so we will try it out from today at 11.00
  • How can we make the room ventilation work better? (almost every morning kitchen /living room is very wet - >has not been ventilated when people left) [Matthias]
    • Starting a practice of opening windows for 2 mins after sleeping, while cooking and before going to bed - everybody are welcomed to do this
  • Properly closing windows, would a sign per window help? [Matthias]
    • Janina express that she loves communicating furnitures, so she would be happy for signs. No resistance from the group
  • Smelling sink (Mona)
    • Unfortunately we can not do much about it because there are some parts missing/needed to solve the problem (Matthias)
  • Proposal to make a container for animal product packaching (Mona)
    • Solution: bucket with close fitting lid
  • Proposal of getting library membership in the name of the association (Mona)
    • Doug and Matthias pointing out the restrictions of the library. Support of researching if it is possible to get a membership and if it is worth it (Mona)
  • Janina mentioning an email from Chris which have not been answered yet
  • Proposal of having a talk about privacy/harassment (Doug)
  • Proposal of tech knowlegde sharing (Max)

9. Next facilitator ?

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