Coordination Meeting

  • Date: 2017-11-14
  • Facilitator: Janina
  • Notary: Janina
  • Present: Lou, Mona, Cille, Janina, Tilmann, Matthias, Doug

1. People coming

  • Frank (maybe after Tue, maybe next week. will call again)
  • Chris (maybe after Thu, will call again)
  • Anja (Thu to Sun)
  • Manuel (maybe)

2. People leaving

  • Janina, Doug (on Sun for a week in Dargelütz)

3. New Volunteers

  • VolSess for Tilmann and Daniel today at 2pm, Chandi should get one as soon as he comes back

4. New Members

  • None

5. Changes to Constitution

  • Prop passed (Change 'autonomy' to 'self-determination, change 'NAME' to 'Kanthaus' and rephrase/fix typos.)

6. Changes to Collective Agreements


7. Information (e.g. announcements, events, etc)

  • Waste collection: (see Nothing. Next monday, our residual waste bin (black) will be exchanged for a bigger one
  • Food pickups: (see <--- copy and paste into browser as it incorrectly thinks it's an XSS thing) Wednesday: Landgut Nemt
  • Power hour: Thursday, 10:00
  • Sharing event: Thursday 7pm (talking/sharing round)
  • Volunteers and members are encouraged to fill in some little answers about themselves in the private repo on gitlab. It's mainly about getting to know each others visions and ideas and for new visitors to learn about us. Laurina would be interested in talks and ideas about it and to print out some for in the house.
  • Reorganization of food storage: long-lasting food in K22-1-1, not in basement anymore. Unused kitchen appliances and tool should be put there as well.
  • Gas bottle in the kitchen was empty on Nov 11, lasted for two weeks, was replaced with the one from the oven downstairs.
  • Current state of the water counters: Total water usage until now: 46.899 L (235€). Last two weeks: 9.091 L (45€), (K20-0: 796 L, K20-1: 5.493 L, K20-2: 1.993 L).
  • Current state of gas counter: 10.774m³ (~100kWh ~~5,10€ + base price)
  • Mold situation: Mold was removed and treated with hydrogen peroxide this morning by Tilmann & Matthias. We have to get rid of more water sources, ventilate better (e.g. keep windows open while cooking, ventilate as soon as we see condensation somewhere). Towels have been moved into airing room. AP: Doug to try and get microscope. AP: Everyone watches walls for mold to reappear and then make sure it gets treated with hydrogen peroxide again. Don't have furniture touching the walls in K-20-1. Ensure ventilation!!! AP: Mold action today! Doug + AP: Proactively acting when there is wet spots appearing on windows/walls
  • (Mona)
  • What do we do about the mold (get it inspected)? -> Will do ourselves with a microscope when we have it (Doug, Loumi)
  • Organisation around Kaufland cooperation (clean, sort, distribute the food)
  • Sven and Nicole's offer to use their warm water/electricity
  • Sven's interest in going dumpster diving with us
  • Sven's interest in sharing his marketing knowledge
  • Jörg Wunderlich wants to know when major things happen (like getting electricity)

8. Discussion (e.g. questions, proposals, etc)

  • Are there any urgent tasks for this week? -> Mold action, social impact hub stuff, Dargelütz prep for Doug and Janina
  • Are there any tasks people want to commit to this week? -> Doug wants to build compression shelves in the random stuff storage, Janina wants to make contact with Kaufland and help with SIL, Matthias writes SIL application and looks into heating system temp regulation
  • Buildings blocks vs. 10am stand-up meetings -> How to motivate people to do more work on the house?
  • Daniel offers to build an oven construction which puts a chimney outside. Mona is interested in doing support work.
  • Roadmap meeting for gitlab issues. Matthias, Doug, Janina are very interested. Doug wants to make a general planning session on community organization as well. Will happen after Dargelütz.
  • Money meeting about what costs what and how to pay -> Wed at 7pm
  • Create action group for external events (e.g. foodsharing awareness, free parade, skill sharing, etc.) -> Maybe after/during next foodsharing meeting, to use fs as a driver.
  • Using the car to go dumpsterdiving -> Matthias: "shouldn't be the default" Matthias, Janina going to Brandis by bike tonight, ask Sven if he has time tonight and then maybe go with him and his car as well/instead
  • Should we make some more copies of keys (especially k22). Do people not currently here hold keys? (Is doc up to date?) AP: Loumi takes care of making more keys
  • What do we do with the harassment policy? Doug and Loumi will continue working on it, maybe Wed morning
  • Is kitchen usage "policy" ready to be implemented (printed and displayed in the kitchen)
  • Talk about the social impact lab
  • Are Kanthaus values = || ≠ yunity ? -> asynchronous meeting with written down throughts?

9. Next facilitator


(Regarding mass heater: Minimum flue requirements, what's the worst that could happen?) Doug: read through kitchen policy, meet w mx re harassment, mold action w mx,

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