Motivational Mini-meeting

Participants: Doug, Björn and Wolfi Notary: Doug Date: 2017-12-30

A meeting about pr, team spirit and celebrations. An opportunity for Björn to let the sparks of his enthusiasm fly.

Re Social Media

  • Björns experience with Greenpeace was that they missed the opportunity to get on board with SM early enough.
  • One of our target audiences is those yet to be inspired. Many of those, perhaps the majority, aren't on Mastodon, Discourse or Matrix; they're on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Producing high quality SM is something we don't do, but could be very helpful for us to achieve our goals.
  • Having a high quality film camera, photo camera and microphone are necessary hardware to achieve this.
  • Getting skilled with video editing, blog-posting, etc ourselves and/or finding those who already are is also required.

What do I (Doug) want to do

  • Develop then deliver progressive organizational material.
  • i.e. decision-making, justice systems, currencies, etc
  • focus on one, come to conclusions, test, refine, prepare 'best-recommendation' material, do workshops, etc
  • next on list:
    • turn constitution into standalone resource
    • 'Deciding cooperatively' essay; acceptance-oriented and controlled score voting
    • delving into Duniter and Circles crypto-universal-dividend systems

Team spirit

  • People seem to be overly cautious—why?
  • Björn reckons more collective action and congratulations would go a long way; seeing results and feeling good about it.
  • The house is the common project and thus the greatest possibility for collective action...
  • ... however KH is there to be a platform for other projects: that is the raison d'être. Perhaps the majority of work is and will not be done collectively, however we don't collectively evaluate or congratulate it!
  • We could do a monthly event where people present individually/as working groups covering:
    • what project they worked on
    • what they planned to do
    • what they did
    • what they learned
    • where the project is now
    • what they plan to do next
    • (kind of like a Scrum retrospective, review and planning all-in-one)
    • ... and then have some kind of party.

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