Coordination Meeting

  • Date: 2018-02-05
  • Facilitator: Doug
  • Notary: Doug
  • Present: Doug, Wolfi, Björn, Joe, Janina, Tilmann, Bodhi, Lise, Silvan

1. People arriving and leaving

  • Chandi on Wednesday
  • 4 more living utopia people come on Thursday and stay for the weekend
  • Laura on Thursday for foodsharing Wurzen meeting
  • Doug leaving today until Thursday latest.
  • Adam sorted things out with Pizzalab, won't be coming here.
  • Daniel may come by 9th - 14th
  • Bodhi and Lise leave
  • Nick and John (probably end of the week)

2. Evaluations (Current Position, days til evaluation)

  • Chandi already spent 24 days in the space

3. Changes to Constitution

  • None yet. Further proposals until Saturday.

4. Changes to Collective Agreements

5. Information (e.g. announcements, events, etc)

  • Waste collection: (see Restabfall on Tuesday (no info on Bio waste)
  • Food pickups: (see ): Landgut Nemt, Weds, 18:00
  • Gas usage (0.70€ per m²):65
    • Last week: 6.30€ per day
    • This week:6.50€ per day
  • Gas bottles exchanged: 1 (€12)
  • Water usage(5€ per m³):3.01
    • Last week: 1.81€ per day
    • This week: 2.15€ per day
  • Electricity usage (0.28€ per kWh): 43
    • Last week: 1.68 € per day
    • This week: 1.72€ per day
  • Income: 0 €
  • Power hour: Wednesday, 10:00
  • Sharing event: Friday, 5pm cloud room. Talking circle
  • Other:
  • Landgut Nemt: Meeting with Karsten Döbelt on Thursday at 10am. Björn and Janina will go, ask if everything is fine and if they can give us a bag of flour - either as sponsoring or for a good price.
  • Foodsharing Wurzen Orga/Info-meeting on Thursday. Because of Foodsharing February already starting at 5pm!
  • Foodsharing Leftover-Brunch on Sunday, 10am-3pm. Casual get-together
  • The living utopia splinter group has a meeting in the house and will look at different pieces of real estate in and around Wurzen

6. Discussion (e.g. questions, proposals, etc)

  • Ukuvota, "What would be your preferred method to store non-text files? (i.e. photos, spreadsheets, pdfs, etc)" (Doug)
  • Proposal: Reinstate clean table policy for big office table, living room table and main kitchen table. (Doug)
    • No resistance
  • Proposal: Clean sink policy too. (Doug)
    • No resistance
  • Proposal: Introduce a 'bread only' chopping board. No vegetables, spreads, etc: basically never needs to be washed then. (Doug)
    • No resistance
  • Task: Clean and oil wooden chopping boards
  • Opinion: With the shower, it's best to turn gas on and off with the main valve: leave the needle valve where it is. (Doug) -> When you turn of the gas, close the Druckminderer but only with
  • Task: Get biotonne calender dates. biotonne / reskip bodhi is happy to always reskip when he is here. instead of empying bucket just put it next to the biotonne and bodhi will take care of it, even if he is not in KH for short periods, he will take care afterwards.
  • Task: Put sign on GSP with things not to go in there (sharp knives, wooden things, etc)
  • Info: It's cold, removing water from windows is important.
  • Heating: leave the doors connecting two rooms closed to not allow the moisture to transfer if the heaters are set so a different temp.

7. Next facilitator

  • Janina

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