Coordination Meeting

  • Date: 2018-02-12
  • Facilitator: Janina
  • Notary: Janina
  • Present: Doug, Nick, Tilmann, Wolfi, Björn, Matthias, Kristijan, Lise

1. People arriving and leaving

  • Wolf leaves on Tuesday.
  • Jörg from Dresden comes on Tuesday.
  • Basti leaves on Tuesday.
  • John comes back on Saturday and maybe brings Vinzenz.
  • Daniel leaves on Wednesday.
  • Kristijan leaves on Wednesday.
  • Findus leaves on Friday.
  • Isabel maybe comes sometime this week.
  • Bodhi and Lise probably leave sometime this week for their big trip.
  • Berit maybe comes on Friday for the weekend
  • mrkvon comes in the beginning of next week.

2. Evaluations (Current Position, days til evaluation)

  • Wolfi (Volunteer, now) applied for becoming member (Wednesday 5pm)
  • Daniel (Visitor, now)
  • Findus (Visitor, -4)

3. Changes to Constitution

  • Doug restarted the ukuvote. Voting period this week.

4. Changes to Collective Agreements

  • None

5. Information (e.g. announcements, events, etc)

  • Waste collection: (see Organic waste on Thursday (but it's empty), yellow bag on Friday
  • Food pickups: (see Landgut Nemt, Weds, 18:00 (Björn goes)
  • Gas usage (0.70€ per m²):
    • Last week: €6.50 per day
    • This week: €9,70 per day
  • Gas bottles exchanged (€12):
  • Water usage(5€ per m³):
    • Last week: €2.15 per day
    • This week: €2.14 per day
  • Electricity usage (0.28€ per kWh):
    • Last week: €1.72 per day
    • This week: €2,60 per day
  • Income: 10€ from John
  • Power hour: Thursday 10am
  • Sharing event: Friday 5pm
  • Other:
  • Daniel wants to present his project work in Greece tonight.
  • The Wurzen women's choir meets every Monday. Today Janina and Lise want to go and sing with them.
  • Foodsharing district Leipzig East meets on Thursday and Björn wants to attend.
  • Google Impact Challenge funding second round deadline is Tuesday at midnight.
  • We need to pay our ground tax on Thursday!
  • It's Maxie's birthday on Friday and Bodhi's on Wednesday.

6. Discussion (e.g. questions, proposals, etc)

  • The warm shower is upstairs now! The next steps are to move more bathroom things there and to decide if brushing teeth should also be done upstairs and what will become of the old bathroom. (Insect breeding room?)
  • Tilmann points out that the doors in K20-2 (especially the bathroom door) are noisy. A curtain could be a valid alternative. Matthias is happy to do a workshop on how to open and close doors more silently because he perceives noisily operated doors as a general problem.
  • Manual for the house. Where signs are collected and additional info is added. (Matthias, Doug, Janina, Nick)
  • Outcome: to try Nextcloud for non-text file storage. Silvan and Doug interested, Chandi can help. Nick has an idea about Ansible. Bodhi has concerns about data loss. Matthias thinks it's useful to have something physical in the house. If it's in the house Wolfi would also be happy maintaining it. But Matthias' server box is not ready and doesn't seem to get ready soon. So the more realistic option seems to be yuca for now. Doug and Chandi will meet up soon and triage tasks.
  • Request of a group wanting to have an event at Kanthaus (from Jasmin who did the dumpster-workshop with Bodhi and Lise in Dresden) [...] bin ich gerade am Gründen einer Gruppe die sich kritisch mit Psychologie bzw. universitärer Psychologie beschäftigt und da planen wir so ne Art Kick-off-Wochenende zu machen im April um als Gruppe ein bisschen zusammenzufinden und uns für Themen und Aktionsformen zu entscheiden, ein bisschen ins Arbeiten zu kommen, etc. Das wird vermutlich im April das Wochenende vom 20. oder vom 27. sein. Dafür suchen wir nach einem Ort, wo wir ein bisschen Platz finden (so zwischen 10 und 20 Leuten, bin noch unsicher wieviele sich letztendlich anmelden werden) zum schlafen, kochen/essen und gemeinsam arbeiten (Raum, wo alle reinpassen, muss aber auch nicht riesig sein), ohne dabei krass Geld ausgeben zu müssen. Wäre dafür vielleicht das Kanthaus was? Oder kennst du andere Orte, an denen das denkbar wäre?
    Bodhi: I talked to Jasmin again and they are quite flexible with rooms and such. Depending on how cold it is and how many people they are they would use cloud/dragon room or piano room and also happily use our infrastructure and cook/eat with us. People are general happy to host groups and are positive in this case as well.
  • Tilmann mentioned that it would be cool to list events on if they happen in Kanthaus (even if not organized by Kanthaus people). Janina says we should ask the people beforehand. We can also mention that it's a closed group.
  • Janina calculated veeeery rough amounts of money we need to sustain our houses. Interested people can have a look here:
  • Nick adds his idea of setting up a recurring donations thing. He'll write an issue and will maybe randomly progress it.
  • Marking the wardrobe (private - shared), maybe shared jackets/coats next to the door? Can everyone move their things? (Lise) Matthias points out that the wardrobe downstairs it not yet finished and Silvan had planned to double the size. Temporarily marked sections may still make sense.
  • Lise wants to improve the communal closet and is open for suggestions.
  • Sven asked for the transporter and 1-2 people to move his bees from the old to the new garden. Doug is provisionally interested to help. Because of the hackathon there is not much time, but it could be enough to do it next week. Doug will ask.
  • Did we all forget Maria's request to drive her husband? Seems so... We should talk to her about it as soon as we see her next time. Doug will talk to Björn about this. This raises the topic of responsibilities as a group or as individuals. Should we do something to manage expectations? We shouldn't ever promise other people's time to anybody.

7. Next facilitator

  • Nick

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