Coordination Meeting

  • Date: 2018-02-19
  • Facilitator: Nick
  • Notary: Doug
  • Present: Nick, John, Doug, Vinzenz, Chandi, Lise, Bodhi, (?)

1. People arriving and leaving

  • mrkvon comes in the beginning of the week and wants to stay for a while
  • Tuesday: Isabel arrives
  • Thursday: Johann (couchsurfer) for one night, Adam for some days/weeks
  • Lukas comes for the fsww hackweek (arrival on Sunday 12:30pm)
  • Nadine comes for the fsww hackweek (arrival on..?)
  • Silvan comes on Monday the 26th (until the 2nd of March probably)
  • Vinzenz leaves today
  • John considers options
  • chandi leaves on wednesday

2. Evaluations (Current Position, days til evaluation)


3. Changes to Constitution

  • Prop 3 selected: (over half of Members didn't vote, why?
  • 3rd round started (5 days of proposal phase left)

4. Changes to Collective Agreements


5. Information (e.g. announcements, events, etc)

  • Waste collection: (see Paper today, rest waste tomorrow
  • Food pickups: (see ): Landgut Nemt, Weds, 18:00
  • Gas usage (0.545€ per m³ + 0,23€ per day):
    • Last week: €9,70 per day
    • This week: €6.00 per day
  • Gas bottles exchanged (€12):
  • Water usage(5€ per m³):
    • Last week: €2.04 per day
    • This week: €2,62
  • Electricity usage (0.2595€ per kWh and 0,245 per day):
    • Last week: €2,60 per day
    • This week: €3,32
  • Income: €0
  • Power hour: thursday
  • Sharing event: friday, black hat sharing
  • Other:

6. Discussion (e.g. questions, proposals, etc)

  • Chopping boards: Research indicates that not oiling = breaking, results from sanding + Coconut oil seem good despite potential rancidification seems worth it. Proposal: treat all boards and wooden tools similarly (i.e. sand, oil monthly) and initiate rapid feedback for anyone who leaves them soaking. I would try and fix a broken one using normal PVA, if that doesn't work we can buy some Titebond III.

    --> use one special board for bread, one for meat/fish and one for onions/garlic

  • cleaning-task list: Lise is taking care of it for now

  • letter box: janina, doug and lise had a talk about letters and the idea of an internal letterbox in Kanthaus (writing letters to each others or give visitors-guests the opportunity for feedback). Should it be placed in the office or foyer? ... foyer was agreed as a good place

  • sinks, floors, surfaces ( Doug) move jars to gsp room, bread on valve

  • idea to have pegs that can be attached to food serving dishes to mark things as vegan

  • the funding thing, Lise (iirc) searched for help with writing financial plans

  • kufa next saturday, informal-ish, maybe serve in the foyer, and have the dragon room available

  • maybe move the massive printer into k22

  • idea to mount the foodsharing boards outside the house for better visibility

  • foodsaving worldwide hackweek starts next saturday

7. Next facilitator

  • Doug

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