Spring 2018 Roadmap meeting

  • Date: 2018-03-05
  • Notary: Matthias
  • Present: Matthias, Isabel, Bodhi, Adam, Kurtis, Michal, Anja, Janina, Laurina, Lise, Tilmann

This meeting was to find out what we can do with regards to the general vision of the house. Something bigger than just repairing of the houses; something to remind us why we're actually here.


  1. Vision / documentation on the lifestyle here

    • Express our way of living and visions; also to make it clearer for visitors
  2. Documentation on practicalities regarding the usage and/or interesting things going on here

    • improve user experience (align expectations with reality), giving information in the right way (unified sign designs, knowledge library of where things are, getting toilets working as people are used to, handbook of the house, inductive introduction system)
    • more openly visible room booking system (for individual rooms that are occupied for a certain time inside/+outside)
    • document things we do here more properly (open source idea)
      • find concrete /easy to implement method on how to implement proper documentation
    • update wishlist on the website
    • Getting better in hosting group events (room planning; communication)
  3. PR/socialzing work/outside interaction projects

    • Bring projects like freeshop, freecafe, repair cafe forwards; having more people coming to regular events
    • foodsharing: Being able to sustain own food requirements without having to go more than a few km by bike/train (more cooperations)
    • planning more "inside/open events" like Straßenfest, WuWiTa in summer, etc. -> organize events from here
    • making Kanthaus more visible in Wurzen
    • get more people who are interested in PR/socializing work (targeted recruitment)
  4. More longterm plan on how to use buildings/K22 in summer, e.g. breakthrough;

    • making single sleeping rooms there more usable e.g. for daytime working/multiple days for single person
    • how to free more rooms in K22-0?
    • finding/resolving the sports room topic (Matthias makes a proposal)
  5. House building projects for future season(s)

    • dream/plan about Winter 2018 already in this season (e.g. isolating windows?; feedback round?)
    • Find out if and how we want to replace the roof?
    • renovating K20 basement: Crappy wall/supported beam/closing holes e.g. where heating pipes has been installed (see list from Markus again)
    • Balcony instead of breakthrough?
      • finding out building regulations about those
    • optimizing rain/grey water system
      • automating pump
      • better filters
  6. Small building projects / garden / creative

    • find clothes drying solution for when it is raining
    • mid-term garden design? (washing line, compost, villa klug?...)
    • making entrance of K20 nicer (Matthias and Silvan already/still interested in working on that this week)
    • creative projects on the outside of the house (banner, colorful door)
      • finding out regulations about that (Bebauungsplan / do we need to follow it for things like a door?)
  7. going forward with money related things like shared economy (but at least in the topic of the project/houses)

How long are people planning to be here in the next 3 months?

  • Adam: 90
  • Bodhi: 50
  • Isabel: 90/ unsure
  • Doug: 55
  • Anja: 20
  • Kurtis: 60
  • Laurina: 30
  • 30 (+20?)
  • Lise: 30
  • Tilmann: 60
  • Janina: 60
  • Matthias: 82

-> 12 people in average 55 days in the next 90 days

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