Retrospective: hosting die Kritische Psychologen

Date: 2018-04-23
Participants: Isabelle, Matthias, Tilmann, Doug, Laurina, Mrkvon
Facilitation/notes: Doug (summarized later)

Context: this was the biggest group of 'new people' to be hosted by Kanthaus.

Feelings: some felt a bit confused about the planning, but everyone enjoyed the event


  • high usage of toilet paper/low adoption of hygiene bottle
  • unfinished food and used plates lying around
  • lots of personal plate washing/low plate reuse
  • communication with the KritPsy group was done exclusively over phone, leading to confusion (e.g. that a group would come earlier to prepare the 22.)
  • general introduction to kanthaus was not scheduled and then delayed
  • not knowing moderators were coming and what relation they had to group
  • not knowing clearly the aim of the group (i.e. group formation/building)
  • no initial meeting to get to know people
  • no simple document to let people know our costs

Possible changes:

  • request groups to have a short 'get to know eachother' at the beginning of event
  • request groups to decide how they want to cater for themselves
  • have agreements in written form and shared with house and group before event
  • request group to interact through Slack or email
  • create a standard 'form' for applying groups (e.g. when, how many, why, etc)
  • last people at table should clear table: late eaters can still get food from storage areas
  • better advertise plate shelf
  • create basic finance poster
  • focus on positively describing desired behavior instead of requesting people not to do things (i.e. how to use a plate)


  • cooking and eating together
  • musical evening by fireside
  • giving initial group the house tour and then they give the house tour to the rest
  • hosting nice and interesting people
  • feedback/appreciation round at the event end.

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