Month-of-Calm Reflection

Month-of-calm reflection

Review (what happened)

  • Karaoke night
  • Personal backstories
  • Lise's Evaluation
  • No wood found in dishwasher
  • Project pressure and gender role discussions
  • No house tours
  • Games
  • Walks
  • Warm days and snow
  • More time together/feeling of community
  • Silence before dinner
  • Dinner lottery
  • Many money sessions
  • Easy to know who is here
  • Scheduling stress
  • Intense schedule

Retrospective (what could be different next time)

Was good/Do again

  • Silence before meals/meetings
  • Having it open for a variety of events
  • Duration: 1 month
  • Time-period: mid-Jan to mid-Feb
  • Having weekends free

Could have been better/Change

  • Improve scheduling (less stress/time taken)
    • A lot of complexity came from external schedules
    • Possibly have a 'core' time which most participants try to attend.
  • Have a clearer 'frame' in terms of handling day-visitors.
  • Have a clearer intention of what the time should be for.
  • Choose better name
  • Don't have overlapping with other internal events
  • Have more emotions-oriented sessions, including regular sharing circles
  • Discussions haven't lead to many changes yet, and it's not sure if further changes will happen.
  • Not having big events scheduled for at least one week after the end.

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