Coordination Meeting

  • Date: 2020-02-03
  • Facilitator: Michal
  • Notary: Bodhi
  • Physical board caretaker: Maxime, Thore
  • Discussion timekeeper: Thore
  • Present: Doug, Thore, Maxime, Clara, Mika, Lise, Chandi, Matthias, Janina, Nathalie, Anja, Bodhi, Talita, Michal

1. Last week review

  • Present: 16.3 people / day ⬊ -4.86
  • Spent nights: 114 nights
  • Gas usage: 5.54 € / day ⬊ -2.37 €
  • Water usage: 3.58 € / day ⬊ -0.54 €
  • Gas efficiency: 34.0 ct / day*person ⬈ -3.39 ct
  • Water efficiency: 22.0 ct / day*person ⬊ +2.49 ct

electricity stats are missing this week

Done Expenses

-34.83€ KMW Gasoline refill [Silvan, Janina]



Team updates
  • Roof (Silvan, Tilmann):
    • a lot happened, didn't write it up yet -> look at #kanthaus-dach for the details
  • Stuff (Bodhi, Matthias, Thore, chandi):
    • vortex improvments
  • Rooms (Janina, Nathalie):
    • K22-2-3 renamed to Fansipan
Other things that happened
  • All external visitors left and MoI starts!
  • We had a first planning meeting and started a dedicated MoI board to - hopefully - make scheduling easier
  • Noelle from the Fluter spent a night here to write a report about us
  • Ingmar the fotographer came by a day later and took a lot of - probably - great pictures
  • Fishbowl meeting about freeshop and open tuesday
  • Maxime became member! :D
  • Kanthaus is now also a Kanzlei! (we have real sort of lawyers..)
  • Magnetic door closers got installed in K22-1 and K22-2
  • We had a pasta and cheese party
  • Flowers on the tables

2. People arriving and leaving

  • Monday:
  • Tuesday:
  • Wednesday:
  • Thursday:
  • Friday: Thore leaves
  • Saturday:
  • Sunday:
  • Any day: findus might leave for the weekend

3. Evaluations and check-ins

no evaluations during MoI

4. Upcoming

  • Weather forecast : Quite a lot of rain until Wednesday, lunchtime. Then, also getting nearly freezing again towards the weekend and warm again at the weekend :)

  • Monday

    • 19:00 Women's choir [Janina, Lise]
    • 19:00 AcroYoga in Leipzig
  • Tuesday

    • 16:00 - 18:00 Offener Dienstag [Anja, Clara, Chandi, Matthias]
    • 18:00 Stadtratssitzung about Tafel
  • Wednesday

    • 9:00 Court case in Leipzig (Climate camp 2018) [Lise]
    • 13:00 BUND Wurzen Bufdi inspection
    • 17:30 Landgut Nemt pickup via
    • 20:15 Badminton in Wurzen [Nathalie, Matthias]
  • Thursday

    • 10:00 Power Hour [EVERYBODY]
    • 15:00 Sozialsauna [Janina, EVERYBODY]
  • Friday

    • 17:00 Next MOI week planning (proposal by Doug, details in 'Discussion')
  • Saturday

    • 13:30 Landgut Nemt pickup via
  • Sunday

    • 14:00 FFF meeting in cloud room
  • Next Monday

    • CoMe facilitator: [Bodhi]
  • to be scheduled:

    • MOI activities (Week overview:

5. Announcements

  • [Doug] there are 4 penny bags of food to be washed
  • [Doug] please keep old toothbrushes for cleaning purposes. (Storage: snack kitchen cupboard)
  • [Bodhi] new kitchen machine - what to care for
    • be very carefull with putting it in places where it can fall down. In the drying rack only put it on the bottom so it can not fall down.
    • also the handle is quite delacate and has been glued already, when putting the container on the machine, try to "screw" it not with the handle but by putting you hands around the whole container.
    • [Doug] The plastic the mixer is made from, SAN is brittle by nature so be careful!
  • [Lise] "clothes 4 future" is really full. Please have a look there if you need clothes. Please don't put so much stuff there and keep wearing clothes, if it's very full.
  • [Bodhi] Compost toilet: now invited to pee there!
  • [Matthias] Another good vacuum cleaner (blue Miele) now stored in K22-2 bathroom. So we have best one in K20 snack kitchen, 2nd in K22-2 bathroom and 3rd in K20-intermediate storage.
  • [Doug] K22-1/baby bathroom toilet 'improved', if there are issues (e.g. water flowing) shut off water (sign) and tell me.
  • [Maxime] One extension cord from the event storage is now in the intermediate storage room. It is very convenient for vacuuming the staircase, so I'd like to leave it there.

6. Changes to Governance

  • None

7. Expense Requests

  • [Bodhi] linseed oil: ukuvote started.
    • [chandi] there is even a cheaper offer: 10L Bio for 4,40€/l:
  • [Matthias] Filter for industrial vacuum cleaner. ~26€ at,p-302000490.html
    • [Doug] Would we buy the vacuum cleaner for €26? (Don't want to fall into a sunk-cost fallacy)

8. Discussion (e.g. questions, proposals, etc.)

  • [Doug] proposal to have next MOI week planning at dedicated slot on Friday evening. Only cards already on the physical board should be considered. Session voting with: 0 hands up = no opinion, 1 hand up = I am interested, 2 hands up = I am interested and would be committed to being there. We would first decide the 'deep session', then the other sessions, then getting active/community. This would allow a 'purer' and shorter CoMe.
    • [Doug] Would propose after CoMe if it doesn't work nicely during CoMe
  • [Lise] is there a reason for people opening plantmilk in tetrapacks? I think the almond milk in the bottles has to go first (in the basement)
    • [tilmann] maybe people were not aware of the basement plant milk?
  • [Bodhi] Bauschutt in the garden - where and how to get rid of it
    • Bodhi and Matthias will talk about it and hopefully find a solution
    • [Doug] Can't we take it where we took the other stuff?
  • [Doug] Request: please add names to things you author and add links to things that are linked!

9. Dinner lottery/food recommendation

10. For next week

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