Coordination Meeting

  • Date: 2020-06-01
  • Facilitator: Doug
  • Notary: Nathalie
  • Physical board caretaker: Larissa
  • Digital calendar caretaker: Doug
  • Discussion timekeeper:
  • Present: Doug, Janina, Zui, Matthias, Bodhi, Tilmann, Anja, Cille, Silvan, Thore, Clara, Nathalie, Larissa, Maxime

1. Last week review

Resources used
  • Present: 15.9 people / day +1.9
  • Electricity: 4.69 € / day; 29.6 ct / person +5.5 ct
  • Water: 3.11 € / day; 19.6 ct / person +1.9 ct

Total cost per person per day: 49.17 ct +7.4 ct

Extra electricity from sun: 1.74€/day

  • Masks, platforms, covers, clothes pegs: 70€ (Doug)
  • Bidet brause: 18€ (Doug)
  • Nusskasten: 80€ (Bodhi
  • Kettenfeile: 13€ (Bodhi)
  • Pfand: ~25€
Team updates
  • Roof (Silvan, Tilmann):
    • Attics (mostly) cleared in a great collective action!
    • Proposal: From now on every week, Tuesday and Wednesday will be attic/roof work focus days to work together as a team! We will ask at CoMe who would be interested; the focus days will happen if more than 2 people are available. To plan ahead, we would also ask for next week already.
    • This week: further attic cleanup, clear stuff in garden, wood delivery, cutting, lift wood up
    • Who would be up for this week?
    • enough people are ready for both days, yay!
    • let's start at 9 am, but people can also join in later
    • Who would be up for next week?
    • looks like that's also gonna work, great! :D
  • Stuff (Bodhi, Matthias, Thore, Chandi):
    • K20 basement got cleared out from useless stuff, Pfand got brought away
    • windows from the attic got sorted into those we want to keep (moved to the basement) and those we don't (will be gotten rid of)
  • Rooms (Nathalie, Janina):
    • [Bodhi] Workshop: more stuff ordered, clean working clothes now in cupboard under dirty work clothes (feedback wanted)
    • more stuff coming in today and bigger reorganizing planned. Look through private boxes if possbile.
    • Bodhi will make a tour when work is finished
Other things that happened
  • a truly fancy dinner with everyone dressing up and great food happened and was followed by an awesome silent disco in the garden
  • foodsharing wurzen meeting finally happened
  • project updates took place (and contained an actual rap performance)
  • Matthias' birthday was celebrated with cake in the garden
  • we can now regularly harvest salad from the garden
  • the kitchen got remodeled a bit and we included some of the blue cabinets
  • Doug did a mini renovation of the lower staircase toilet
  • The compost toilet is now equipped with a Toilet Paper Substitute Dispenser
  • there are more dry cloths in the upper staircase toilet and the K22-2 toilet
  • a greenhouse was built in Lise's garden
  • many people went shopping in the store in Schillerstraße
  • some Kanthausians repaired and cleaned the public book shelf
  • very fun game of Funkenschlag
  • we now have two bike sheds with bike holders
  • we learned more about bees

2. This week planning

People arriving and leaving
  • Monday:
  • Tuesday: Bodhi leaves for the day
  • Wednesday: zui leaves (and may come back)
  • Thursday: Cille leaves
  • Friday:
  • Saturday: Larissa leaves
  • Sunday:
  • Some day: omg everybody is leaving! :(
Weather forecast
  • Very good summer weather today/tomorrow; Thunderstorms/rain Wednesday/Thursday; more cloudy for the weekend
Evaluations and check-ins
  • Larissa_uj Visitor : Days Visited threshold 23/21
  • Michal Volunteer : Absence threshold 103/90
  • Findus Volunteer : Absence threshold 94/90
  • Monday
    • 12:00 Workshop pickup [Bodhi, Janina]
    • 15:00 Knowledge sharing session, today's topic propositions: The disadvantage of having money [Bodhi]
  • Tuesday
    • 09:00 roof work
    • 16:00 Open Tuesday - Corona version [Nathalie/ Anja, Larissa]
    • 20:30 Fishbowl about selling items from the freeshop
  • Wednesday
    • 09:00 roof work
    • probably wood delivery
    • 20:30 discussion about XR [Clara]
  • Thursday
    • 10:00 Power Hour (Fac.: [Tilmann] DJ: [Bookchin Groove])
    • 13:00 Kanthaus fundraising [Nathalie]
    • 15:00 Sharing circle [Nathalie]
  • Friday
    • 10:00 Corona meeting [Clara]
    • 15:00 Larissas evaluation [Thore]
    • evening: take out yellow sacks!
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
    • 17:00 start of theater group [Clara, Janina]
  • Next Monday
    • 10:00 CoMe [Bodhi]

to be scheduled: (when possible, avoid scheduling events at times that would conflict with being part of the cooking team: 17:00->19:00)

3. Announcements

  • [Doug] I changed a bunch of people from gitlab 'owners' to 'maintainers'
  • [Matthias] there is the online climate camp from Friday to Sunday.
  • [Matthias] I would like to cycle to a lake at 4pm today. Meet up at 4pm in the garden to pick a bike, leaving at 16:10
  • [Anja] food to be washed and fruit to be eaten!
  • [Bodhi] Siphon in the kitchen is not installed - Maxime and Bodhi take care

4. Shopping plans

  • [Bodhi] bike bags, second hand or good deal. 2 or 4 bike bags. travelling only? - please write more details on slack and we can decide
  • [Bodhi] yeast flakes, just 2 packs from Kräuterfee - no resistance
  • [Bodhi] Schnittschutzhose for chainsaw works (already asked one in L for 15€) - sounds good
  • [Matthias] Kassettenabzieher 10€ with the next bike shopping - sounds good

5. Discussion (e.g. questions, proposals, etc.)

  • [Doug] Propose we reimburse Lise for the circular saw.
    • Why is this a special item? There are more items in this category.
    • It's good if the circular saw is a Kanthaus item, esp. when Lise doesn't need a private one.
    • If Lise wants money, we could talk about it.
  • [Doug] The unit under the kitchen sink... seems like a downgrade? :sweat_smile: (harder to access bins because of doors/panels, more stuff/more difficult to clean)
    • [Janina] I was very much in favor of it so that Mika won't be able to easily access all the trash when he starts actually crawling.
    • [Clara] I can also imagine us getting used to it. Lets try it out for another 2 weeks.
    • [Anja] We could have smaller bags and empty them more often.
    • we will discuss it again in CoMe in 2 weeks
  • [Clara] informing findus, michal about passing threshold
    • there a 2 thresholds: Absolute days and Abscence threshold
    • Michal knows
    • Matthias will write findus
  • [Janina] We are sleeping in the communal for some days now. Do you hear him in the dorm?
    • Yes, sometimes but its fine.
    • What happens to the family room? Work in progress. People can sleep there but not private.
    • We can put the volume higher in the piano room!

6. Dinner lottery

  • Monday not: Matthias, Clara, Bodhi
  • Tuesday not: Tilmann, Matthias, Bodhi, Larissa, Nathalie, Anja
  • Wednesday not: Tilmann, Matthias, Clara, Silvan, Cille, Zui
  • Thursday not: Zui, Cille, Thore
  • Friday not: Matthias, Larissa, Zui, Cille
  • Whole week not:

8. For next week

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