Coordination Meeting

CoMe #201

  • Date: 2021-07-19
  • Facilitator: Andrea, Doug
  • Notary: Doug
  • Mika caretaker: Tilmann/Anja
  • Levi caretaker: Janina/Matthias
  • Physical board caretaker: chandi
  • Digital calendar: Matthias
  • Reservation sheet purifier: Momo
  • Present: Zui, Franzi, Thore, Janina, Silvan, Anja, chandi, Doug, Andrea, Matthias, Momo, Michal

0. Check-in round

1. Last week review


  • Present: 12.7 people/day (+0.4)
  • ⚡ Electricity
    • usage: 4.64 €/day (⬇️-16%)
    • paid: -5.2 €/day
    • ☀️ self produced: 74% (⬆️+2%)
    • emissions: 4 kg CO₂ₑ/week
  • 💧 Water
    • paid: 2.4 €/day (⬇️-11%)
    • emissions: 1 kg CO₂ₑ/week


  • 3.6€ (RapsOil)


  • 0€

Corona (Framework)

Still suspended

Things that happened

  • we have a bicycle repair station on the wall of K22!
  • almost the whole house went to VK on Friday and enjoyed nice food and athmosphere
  • we almost saved a huge amount of mangold... -.-
  • there was an interesting social sauna about money, common projects, connection and what holds kanthaus together
  • we were so few people that we didn't have cooking teams for Tuesday and Friday
  • awesome sushi evening and japanese movie watching took place in the garden
  • nice neighbours gave us salad and berries from their gardens
  • Franzi took Mika to Grimma for the first time
  • Mika and Halvar played two times in one week!

2. This week planning

People arriving and leaving

  • Mon.: Nathalie arrives in the evening, Larissa and Kiki arrive, Silvan leaves, Sisi, Adam & David arrived
  • Tue.: Franzi leaves, Maxime comes back, Silvan comes back
  • Wed.: Sisi, Adam & David leave
  • Thu.:
  • Fri.: Larissa, Kiki and Zui leave, Silvan leaves, Anja leaves, Clara might come
  • Sat.: chandi leaves (maybe friday)
  • Sun.: Larissa, Zui comes back
  • Mon.: Silvan comes back, Anja comes back,
  • Some day: Michal maybe leaves around weekend

Weather forecast

_Very nice weather until Friday: Not too hot and dry. Then quite hot again over the weekend.

Evaluations and check-ins

  • Silvan Member : Absolute Days threshold 196/180 (+9%)

Due for evaluation soon (in the next 7 days, and seen within the last 7 days):

  • Tilmann Member : 6 days until Absolute Days threshold (180)
  • Anja Volunteer : 4 days until Absolute Days threshold (60)


  • Monday
    • 10:00 CoMe [Andrea, Doug]
    • Park cars house-side [Thore]
    • After dinner: Hanabi and analog game night [Momo]
  • Tuesday
    • Hausmüll [Michal]
    • 19:30 'Weit' NDK Sommerkino
  • Wednesday
    • Park cars far-side [?]
    • 17:45 Landgut Nemt Call/pickup [?]
    • maybe after dinner: talking about last weeks [Nathalie, Larissa, Kiki, ?]
  • Thursday
    • 10:00 Power Hour [Fac.: Matthias, DJ: ?]
    • 15:00 Evaluation Silvan [chandi]
    • 19:30 NDK Sommerkino UCKERMARK
  • Friday
    • 12:00 Market pickup [Andrea]
    • 17:45 Landgut Nemt Call/pickup [?]
    • Biotonne [Michal]
    • 19:30 NDK Sommerkino WENDE MIGRA – Zeitzeug:innengespräche
  • Saturday
    • 19:30 NDK Sommerkino ABER DAS LEBEN GEHT WEITER
  • Sunday
    • 17:45 Landgut Nemt Call/pickup [?]
  • Next Monday
    • 10:00 CoMe [Janina]
  • Next week summary
    • 27th bday party

to be scheduled: (when possible, avoid scheduling events at times that would conflict with being part of the cooking team: 17:00-19:00)

  • Knowledge sharing proposals:
  • To do:
    • fix storage shelf in k20 staircase
    • replace broken/string/toaster shoe rack spots
    • make k20 garden door easily closable from outside
    • secure wash kitchen sink
    • get yellow bags

3. Shopping plans

  • [matthias] Solarrail grounding material, ~200-250€
  • [matthias] replacement soldering iron tips for the Ersa and Weller soldering stations, 2-3 each for ~10 euros each -> 40-60€
    • (there is just one usable left for the ersa. They wear off quickly when soldering iron is standing around at high temperatures)
  • [Thore] jam funnel, 10€

4. Discussion & Announcements

Round 1

  • [JaTi] Levi moves, we need a place for the child bed possibly tonight. How about putting it back into the communal?
    • Last night he slept in the free shop because he can't fall off a mattress that's already on the floor.
    • We won't continue using the freeshop lounge.
  • [Doug] GSSX visit on 8th August :) Day trip, 7-10 ppl. Cool inter-project house exchange opportunity!
    • Sounds good! Confirmed with corona condition.
    • It's even the same day as the 1st potential foodsharing brunch. :D
  • [Thore] Voting phase for the Private usage ends today at 14:00
  • [Silvan] is the Car-Trailer needed from now on until End of August? Would like to use it to transport stuff to Events :)
    • Nothing is planned for us to need the trailer. Request passed.
  • [Matthias] Would like to take pictures of the repair station with somebody on it to finish the project report. Might be put to website, volunteers? :)
    • Momo and maybe Doug and maybe Andrea will do it. Thanks!
  • [Nathalie] Maybe you can just do a temperature check on the tuesday movie and then I'll coordinate around :) PS: writing with the phone is not great :D
    • [doug] phone experience will be improved when hedgedoc switch to codemirror v2 ;p (already filed issue)
    • People are interested in the movie and the updating session is rescheduled to Wednesday, so everything is possible! :D
  • [chandi] Postponing current constitution votings?
    • Two topics opened: evaluation periods and house principles
    • The principles need more thought and discussion.
    • Postpone the principle process but carry on with the evluation periods
    • evaluation and membership periods:
    • change in principles:

Round 2

  • [Matthias] Likely doing KMW tour to harzgerode and back on friday
  • [Doug] Request: if emptying a bin, take trash straight to destination and immediately return bin/place new bag. Also: cardboard waste should go in the bin, or be stored inside.
    • Also: paper with foil and/or grease on it belongs to packaging and not paper waste
    • Also: we are out of yellow bags and are now using normal garbage bags for pckaging waste. maybe someone can get new yellow bags?
    • Oh no, they are not handed out anymore! How about we try to get another yellow bin?
    • Or we try to get yellow bags from places where they are still in use? Like Leipzig or Harzgerode..?

Round 3

5. Task lottery & food planning


  • Mon.: Doug
  • Tue.: Thore
  • Wed.:
  • Thu.:
  • Fri.:
  • Open Tuesday:


  • Mon.: Andrea, Janina, chandi
  • Tue.: Andrea, chandi
  • Wed.:
  • Thu.: chandi
  • Fri.: Matthias
  • Open Tuesday: Matthias, chandi, Momo
  • Week: Anja, Silvan, Franzi, Zui, Michal

Finished task distribution

  • Mon.: Doug
  • Tue.: Thore, Momo
  • Wed.: Matthias
  • Thu.: Janina
  • Fri.: chandi
  • Open Tuesday: Andrea

6. For next week


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