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Dear Visitor, welcome to Kanthaus.

Kanthaus is a commons; a community resource. The Kanthaus resource is centred around the buildings of 20 & 22 Kantstraße, but further includes the garden, (most) of the items in the property, connected utilities and more. Everyone involved in Kanthaus is part of the community, now including you. This document is a counterpart to the guided tour which you should ask for if you haven’t had it already.

Communal by default. Everything is communal, unless it's personal or in the Freeshop (K22-0-3). You can use the communal things! Please use consumables (e.g. food, water, electricity) efficiently; please return reusables (e.g. tools, furniture, rooms) to the state you found them after use (or better). Feel free to take food and water for your outward journey, but please do not take any other communal things from Kanthaus without the explicit permission of a Volunteer or Member.

Functional sleeping. To make the best use of the available space, we don't allocate rooms to individuals by default. You can chose to sleep in the communal sleeping room, the dorm room or one of the personal sleeping rooms depending on availability.

Personal items. Phones and laptops are generally assumed to be personal, but for other personal items please try to mark them with your name, or store them in a place marked with your name. There are specific shelves and cupboards for personal items in the storage room (K20-2-4) and in the offices.

Direct communication. Kanthaus is complex and feedback is necessary, so don't be surprised if people ask questions or express concerns about what you're doing. This may feel a bit uncomfortable at first, but assume the person giving feedback is doing so for good reason, distance yourself personally from the topic and have a level discussion. You're very welcome to give feedback where you see the need. Don't forget, positive feedback is equally important!

Do no harm. How to not break Kanthaus:

Do your fair share. How to not create work for other Kanthausians:

Do something awesome. What would you do if you lived here? Well, right now you do, and you're invited to observe, imagine, plan and do things. Trust your instincts or seek advice. You don't need to get communal permission unless you want to make structural changes to the building, use significant quantities of scarce resources, act in the name of the house or dramatically alter a running system. Please consider any concerns people raise seriously, and please stop if someone has resistance. Doing the following tasks is always appreciated:

Further info: