The most in-depth press release about what we are a part of was finally released to the public!

Radio journalist Jörg Wunderlich spent months on diving into the sharing bubble and chose Laurina to be the main protagonist of his 30 minutes radio feature. We are humbled by his talent, flattered by his perspective and really really thankful for this portrait he painted of not only us, but the whole sharing movement.

You can find the feature in our press section.

Summary of the show: It starts in September 2017, when Kanthaus is still pretty empty and infrastructure sketchy at best. Jörg follows Laurina to a foodsharing pickup and lets her and Matthias explain their personal motivations to be active in Kanthaus. He meets with commons specialist Silke Helfrich and compares sharing economy and real sharing which is not about making profit. The way that led from foodsharing to yunity and culminated in Kanthaus is retraced via Matthias' history and the local perspective of Orsina Wehner from the Tafel in Wurzen is added. Our neighbor Sven shares his impressions and one repair session is recorded. Janina's background is presented and the mayor says nice things about us and grants us his support, while at the same time pointing out that we actually don't really need it anyways... ;) What follows are sidenotes about SirPlus, unconditional sharing and abundance. A little mention of the Karrot hackweek and the foodsaving worldwide project. And it closes with Janina suggesting: "Just gift it to someone".

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