Coordination Meeting

  • Date: 2018-05-07
  • Facilitator: Janina
  • Notary: Janina
  • Present: Tilmann, Doug, Adam, Isabel, Silvan, Bodhi, Janina

1. People arriving and leaving

- Matthias left yesterday and will return on Monday next week

- Doug may be leaving on Tuesday for some days

- Silvan will leave on Tuesday/Wednesday for one and a half week

- Bodhi will be leaving Thursday the latest and will be gone for a while

- Flo comes on Thursday

- Lisann comes on Friday

- both leave on Sunday

2. Evaluations

- Adam and Isabel: Monday 13:00

3. Changes to Governance

- None

4. Resource data

  • Gas (0.545€ per m³ + 0,23€ per day):
    • not needed during summer
  • Water (5€ per m³):
    • Last 7 days: 2.83 €/day
    • 7 days before that: 2.61 €/day
  • Electricity usage (0.2595€ per kWh and 0,245 per day):
    • Last 7 days: 2,55 €/day
    • 7 days before that: 2.48 €/day
  • Gas bottles bought (€12): 0
  • Income: (have a look in the box)

5. Schedule

(For waste collection see 'müll' calender, for food pickups see ) Friday Bio, Saturday yellow sacks

  • Montag (today):

    • CoMe, 10am

    • Evaluation session, 1 pm

    • Personal projects celebration meeting for April, 8 pm

  • Dienstag:

    • Room booking system meeting, after breakfast (Janina, Bodhi, maybe Doug)

    • RepairCafé, 5pm (Will it take place? Matthias is not here...) -> Silvan offered to step in, Bodhi as well

  • Mittwoch:

    • market pickup 2 pm, (ask Laurina if it actually takes place - Doug will do it) Doug takes care

    • Landgut Nemt pickup, 18:30 pm, Isabel and Adam can do it

  • Donnerstag:

    • Power Hour, 10 am

    • foodsharing Wurzen meeting, 7 pm

    • put Bio bin out!!!

  • Freitag:

    • Kräuterfee pickup, whenever, Tilmann goes again

    • Market pickup 2 pm, Janina and Isabel go

    • put yellow sacks out!

  • Samstag:

  • Sonntag:

    • foodsharing leftover brunch, 11 am
  • Monday (in a week)

    • CoMe, 10am

6. Discussion (e.g. questions, proposals, updates, requests, etc)

  • We still need to do the personal projects celebration meeting for April! -> Today! Before everybody is gone...

  • Can we please have a room booking system meeting? (Janina)

  • The Spring Milestone ends when May is over. I'd like to come together and talk about what we still want to do until then. (Janina)

    • This is a reminder, maybe no meeting is needed?

    • Related: In our effort to be super brief about the milestone meeting we didn't do it properly. (Doug says, Janina agrees, Tilmann as well) Next time we should really take the time to go into details and think about everything. Maybe have a whole milestone day!

  • We need a solution with the big closet in the Communal Closet. The door is open for most of the time, so will it be ok to remove it? (Silvan, Doug)

    • Tilmann removed that door yesterday, solved. Still there is a need to remove all closet doors (for orientational purposes and accessibility) but dust stays a problem.
  • Is there is more thought-through plan with the solar table and the batteries in the garden? I'm just curious... (Janina) -> There is a mobile phone charger since yesterday. It just always works, there is a micro USB cable attached and space for up to 4. Please use :-)

  • The und jetzt team asked (Laura via Matthias) to do their team meeting 25.-27.05. with ~8 people at Kanthaus. Can I confirm? (Matthias)

    • Everybody's very supportive! But Matthias should relay his communication with Laura to Slack, so that we know what's going on.
  • Matthias had the fun idea yesterday to create an airbnb advertisement for Kanthaus. Money might be a side effect as people are actually willing to pay but it is also about spreading the word to a broader crowd. Resistances? :) (Matthias)

    • Adam has the concern that airbnb will have problems with us stating that one can also come for free via couchsurfing. Doug wants to make it really clear in the description what people are signing up for. Bodhi has concerns that people will expect hotel conditions even though the description says differently, Adam agrees. Tilmann says people from normal society cannot grasp the concept of couchsurfing where you get something for free. Bodhi also wants to make sure that we don't have airbnb people here when we have groups.

    • There's many concerns but no resistance to Matthias trying it out.

  • Annik wants to use the KMW+trailer on Friday May 11th 12:00 - 16:00 (she asked in #kanthaus-mails). Who answers her? - Janina will.

  • Bodhi wants to call for pee collection again, since a misunderstanding led to the full bucket being emptied onto the compost. We need it to make fertilizer for the grass.

  • Silvan will plant the plants today and is happy about input and help.

  • Tilmann wants the penny bags removed from the garden today, as they are quite ugly.

  • Isabel inquires about the hot water situation.

    • Tilmann explains that the solar-powered boilers are not automated and if it's super sunny the water almost boils, which can damage the system. Since we are so few people today the water is not used quickly enough, so Tilmann unplugged it. This does not change everything for a user of the shower though. It would be nice though if people generally monitored the temperature display on the boiler.

    • Adam would like to make taking care of this system a shared responsibility. Tilmann says there are just things we don't know, like how the over-pressure valve works in detail. Bodhi adds that it could be potentially dangerous under certain circumstances, but we don't know for sure. And we don't really want to try it out, that's why it's monitored quite closely by Tilmann right now.

    • Bodhi asks if anyone knows what's up with Matthias and Mario and getting the permission to actually add our solar power to the grid as a more sustainable solution. He will call and ask him to get more info.

  • After you wash chopping boards, please try them with a tea towel and put them back in the shelf. (Doug)

  • Please keep the table in the kitchen free. That makes it easier for other people to use it for whatever. If you also like this, then please help me enforcing it! (Doug) Janina will help.

  • Doug wants to have a dreaming event in the not so distant future, to put more emphasis on the why again. He wants it to be a chill, pleasant, communal experience.

  • Doug also wants to plan more for winter, but this will be tackled in the upcoming summer roadmap meeting.

  • Adam wants to know what the plan is with the empty mango juice cans. Bodhi wants to store them for building purposes, because they're quite stable.

    • For now we collect them with the glass and pfand underneath the sink. Bodhi will find a place in the random stuff storage.
  • Tilmann shares his thoughts about pumping kitchen fumes somewhere else. He had a look to the chimney and found out that it leads to the washing room and the bathroom upstairs, so that does not seem to be a valid solution for now. He's interested to plan this in more detail with other people.

7. Next facilitator

  • Doug

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