Coordination Meeting

  • Date: 2018-05-14
  • Facilitator: Doug
  • Notary: Doug
  • Present: Doug, Findus, Adam, Isabel, Chandi, Laurina, Arnulf, Laurina, Janina, Matthias

1. People arriving and leaving

  • Matthias leaves thursday or friday to harzgerode for 6-8 days
  • Laurina leaves Friday
  • Chandi and Findus leave Wednesday
  • Arnulf leaves Thursday

2. Evaluations

  • Chandi and Findus, 13:00 tomorrow

3. Changes to Governance

  • None

4. Resource data

  • Water (5€ per m³):
    • Last 7 days: €2.02 day (71% of prev week)
    • 7 days before that: 2.83 €/day
  • Electricity usage (0.2595€ per kWh and 0,245 per day):
    • Last 7 days: 1.65 €/day (65% of prev week)
    • 7 days before that: 2,55 €/day
  • Gas bottles bought (€12): 0
  • Income: €10 donation

5. Schedule

(For waste collection see 'müll' calender, for food pickups see )

  • Montag (today):
    • Paper waste
    • dd tour
  • Dienstag:
    • Hausmüll (Matthias)
    • RepairCafé, 5pm
  • Mittwoch:
    • Sharing circle, 17:00 (Doug)
    • Landgut Nemt pickup, 18:30 pm (Isabel, Adam)
  • Donnerstag:
    • Power Hour, 10 am
  • Freitag:
    • Market pickup, 2 pm (Janina, Isabel)
  • Samstag:
  • Sonntag:
  • Big things next week -Rotter Party and Landgut Nemt Hof Fest

6. Discussion (e.g. questions, proposals, updates, requests, etc)

  • Task: 2 coats of white paint on window frame, any takers? -> maybe combine with other windows that need it?
  • Request: calendar users please include link or brief description for events. (Doug)
  • Question: when is the 1st Kanthaus Birthday? First residence record was on 2017-07-19, association of formal Kanthaus community 2017-08-05. (Doug)
    • We got keys on 2018-07-12, everyone happy with this date.
  • Proposal: set up sharing event defaults
    • Default time: 17:00 - 18:00, Wednesdays. (Reasoning: far enough from Monday for reflection, doesn't clash with Landgut Nemt or regular events, allows 'community week' to end after the power hour)
    • Default room: cloud room. (Reasoning: comfy, calm)
    • Default format:
    • 2-3 minutes silence
    • one round where people briefly share just their emotions (e.g. with explicit words, or metaphors: not reasons, solutions, etc)
    • 'open' circle until time runs out
    • Default norms:
    • If you're late and the door is closed, the group have started. Please don't disturb them, come earlier next time!
    • Please leave your phone outside.
    • You can bring your own cup of tea or glass of water, but please don't bring food.
    • Find facilitator at Come if possible.
  • Stasi bunker in Machern can be visited any last weekend in the month (5/4€) (matthias) -> can be visited during the rotterparty for free
  • Plan the financial meeting (8 hours -> 1/2 days) (Matthias)
  • Kollektivhaus information round (Matthias)
  • Look again at the spring roadmap meeting minutes (Tilmann)
  • Adam requests help to complete the medicine inventory by including what the medicines are for, requests help of a German speaker. Some concerned that system is too complex. Adam happy to continue.
  • Isabel wants to make sure people are not using the communal closet as a freeshop. Topic for the tour, Isabel will make initial sign.
  • Janina has sorted socks into the size categories!

7. Next facilitator

  • Janina

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