Coordination Meeting

CoMe #203

  • Date: 2021-08-02
  • Facilitator: Zui
  • Notary: Janina
  • Mika caretaker: Thore, Maxime
  • Levi caretaker: Janina
  • Physical board caretaker: Momo
  • Digital calendar: Momo
  • Reservation sheet purifier: Andrea
  • Present: Michal, Laura, Matthias, Talita, Andrea, Clara, Momo, Janina, Nathalie, Tilmann, Doug, Maxime, Zui

0. Check-in round

1. Last week review


usage graph last 90 days (Usage during the last 90 days)

  • Present: 15.1 people/day (-1.0)
  • ⚡ Electricity
    • usage: 5.69 €/day (⬆️+7%)
    • paid: -4.54 €/day
    • ☀️ self produced: 76% (0%)
    • emissions: 5 kg CO₂ₑ/week
  • 💧 Water
    • paid: 3.87 €/day (⬆️+28%)
    • emissions: 2 kg CO₂ₑ/week


  • 220€ for solar earthing stuff
  • 7€ for 6 FFP2 masks


  • at least 10€ in the shoe

Corona (Framework)

  • Incidence:
    • Germany: 18
    • Saxony: 7
    • Landkreis Leipzig: 8
  • Adjusted prevalence Saxony: 0,03% (last thursday)
  • µCOVIDs available last week: {COVIDS FOR LAST WEEK NOT FOUND!}
  • µCOVIDs used last week:
  • µCOVIDS balance from last week:
  • µCOVIDs additional this week: 5000
  • µCOVIDs available this week:
  • µCOVIDs/person mean for this week: (18 people)

Things that happened

  • Knowledge was shared around GIMP
  • We had a Bassment Party!
  • We saw a lot of movies: The Lobster, Disclosure, Gravity Falls, Jojo Rabbit, Knives Out
  • We (Janina, Zui, Andrea, Mika, Nathalie, Momo) went to Leipzig to hold a foodsharing's stand
  • People are getting better at slacklining
  • There was a sharing event
  • Jon visited
  • We had a really big tarot session

2. This week planning

People arriving and leaving

  • Mon.: Larissa comes back
  • Tue.:
  • Wed.:
  • Thu.: Zui and Larissa leave
  • Fri.:
  • Sat.: Momo leaves (T^T)
  • Sun.: Matthias leaves, Clara leaves
  • Mon.:
  • Some day: Thore and Nathalie leave, Silvan comes back and leaves

Weather forecast

Mixture of quite some rain and sun, nice temperatures and some wind.

Evaluations and check-ins

Due for evaluation (and seen within the last 7 days):

  • Anja Volunteer : Absolute Days threshold 70/60 (+17%)
  • Nathalie Member : Absolute Days threshold 202/180 (+12%)
  • Talita Volunteer : Absolute Days threshold 66/60 (+10%)

Due for evaluation soon (in the next 7 days, and seen within the last 7 days):

  • Momo_WA Visitor : 2 days until Days Visited threshold (21)
  • Andrea Volunteer : 6 days until Absolute Days threshold (60)


  • Monday
    • Paper waste
    • 10:00 CoMe [Zui]
    • 14:00 Knowledge sharing: Revisiting the attic and going through what was done [Tilmann]
    • Park cars on even-side [Nathalie - already done]
    • 20:30 Building talk
  • Tuesday
    • Hausmüll [Michal]
    • 10:00 Monthly coordination meeting [Matthias]
    • 10:30 4th roof planning meeting [Zui, Doug]
    • 11:00 board member paper work session [Zui, Larissa, Janina]
  • Wednesday
    • Dresden trip and noodle pickup [Janina, ?]
    • Park cars on odd-side [Maxime]
    • 18:00 Bitte Wenden Wurzen
  • Thursday
    • 10:00 Power Hour [Fac.: Andrea, DJ: Maxime as backup]
    • 15:00 Social sauna [Tilmann]
  • Friday
    • 12:00 Markt Abholung [Andrea]
    • 15:00 Momo's evaluation [Clara]
    • Biotonne [Doug]
  • Saturday
    • 20:00 Project updates [Matthias]
  • Sunday
    • GSSX visit? [Doug, discuss]
    • 10:00 foodsharing Brunch [Doug, Janina]
  • Next Monday
    • 10:00 CoMe [Talita]
  • Next week summary

to be scheduled: (when possible, avoid scheduling events at times that would conflict with being part of the cooking team: 17:00-19:00)

  • [Doug] Dacha work-party! Garden work, repair, food, music, beer. Tue/Wed/Fri/Sat?

3. Shopping plans

  • [Doug] Dishwasher salt
  • [Janina] Sunflower seeds: Too expensive right now, wouldn't pursue this for now
  • [Janina] Portemonnaie: Does anybody have one laying around?

4. To do

Small fixes of things in the house

  • [x] fix backpack storage shelf in k20 staircase [Tilmann]
  • [ ] replace broken/string/toaster shoe rack spots
  • [ ] make k20 garden door easily closable from outside (or acquire a new door)
  • [ ] secure wash kitchen sink
  • [x] fix curtain holders in 'the private' [Zui]
  • [x] fix hipster room door indicator [Matthias]
  • [ ] think about plastic waste containers to be used in kitchen, snack kitchen and dumpster kitchen
    • [x] replace snack kitchen bag with plastic container [Janina]
    • [ x?] decide that the stable bag in the kitchen works well and can simply be emtied and put back

5. Discussion & Announcements

Round 1

  • [Matthias] Who is interested in getting another flat in Wurzen? Let's have a meeting, maybe already including a bidding round.
    • [Antonin] yay, that would mean cool neighbours for the WG! :)
    • A meeting will happen tonight
  • [Janina] Noodle pickup on Wednesday: Anybody up for going to Dresden with me?
    • General interest, also maybe to visit the hygiene museum.
    • Will be coordinated outside of CoMe
  • [Nathalie] KMW status update
    • [Nathalie] while driving on sunday it was basically fine, only the motor makes loud sounds when pushing gas and bit stuttering at the end
    • [Nathalie] also gas has to be refilled
    • [Matthias] There is one of 8 screws broken attaching the exhaust to the motor inside the motor block, that's what makes the sound. It's a bigger thing to fix it, but it might be okay for now.
  • [Tilmann] things from flat today afternoon - anybody wants to visit?
    • [Doug] Quite a lot of interesting things, but not much time.
    • [Tilmann] She has a car available today and can bring things if we tell her exactly what we want.
  • [Doug] Shall we have a MCM this month and/or week?
    • [Zui] It can be a kind of summer edition in which we simply fix todos.
    • [Matthias] I think it's important to keep it going and would facilitate the session.
  • [Zui] No sunflower seeds..? I'm very unhappy with the spread situation.
    • [Janina] Since they're so expensive I would rather go for buying red lentils this time. They can also be used for cooking, have better nutritional value and are something else for a change. But I'm not motivated to go into the purchase process myself right now.
    • Somebody could go forward, but for now nobody volunteered.

Round 2

  • [Doug] Roof finale scheduling. Is it going to happen?
    • [Doug] I think we can do it this year still and it would be my preference.
    • [Zui] I have a lot to say to this but I don't think it's the right place here.
    • [Nathalie] Maybe you can just talk after the MCM tomorrow.
  • [Matthias] Yoga Room future?

Round 3

  • [Matthias] I'd like to get some ventilation working in the next months: Bathroom, Snack-Kitchen, Piano Room. I'd like to have a meeting this week with people interested in planning. Also, I'd expect to spend some money on this, the group can figure something out.
  • [Nathalie] When Thore and I are gone again the flat will be empty and now ti even has 3 sleeping spots available! :) There will be a slack post about this soon as well.

6. Task lottery & food planning


  • Mon.: Nathalie
  • Tue.: Thore
  • Wed.:
  • Thu.: Andrea, Janina
  • Fri.:
  • Open Tuesday:


  • Mon.: clara
  • Tue.: clara
  • Wed.: clara, Matthias
  • Thu.:
  • Fri.: Momo
  • Open Tuesday: maxime, Momo, Matthias, clara
  • Week: michal, Talita, Laura, Zui

End result

  • Mon.: Nathalie, Matthias
  • Tue.: Thore
  • Wed.: Momo, Maxime
  • Thu.: Andrea, Janina
  • Fri.: Tilmann, Clara
  • Open Tuesday: Doug

7. For next week

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