Coordination Meeting

  • Date: 2017-10-03
  • Facilitator: Matthias
  • Notary: Matthias
  • Present: Max, Mona, Laurina, Doug, Matthias, Ollie

1. People coming

  • Silja (2017-10-09) for 2-4 days
  • Gérome 2017-10-05 for 1-2 days
  • Lara & Almondo 10-05/10-06 for 2 days

2. People leaving

  • Oli (Thursday/Friday 5/6)

3. New Volunteers

  • Bodhi

4. New Members


5. Changes to Constitution


6. Changes to Collective Agreements


7. Information (e.g. announcements, events, etc)

  • Waste collection: (see Restwaste on Wednesday
  • Food pickups: (see!/group-info/28)
  • Today in the afternoon sven/nicole will be coming with waffles (we prepare coffee) -> Laurina will send them a text after the meeting
  • Food action/cleaning has been done yesterday. Rotten stuff thrown away (a lot of bread). Still to be washed boxes are in the kitchen. Check potatoes and food in general more often! Keep the fridge door open.
  • Sharing circle tonight [doug]
  • Laurina joins the HWR meeting tomorrow evening
  • K22 roof action tomorrow
  • Ollie does interviews, would like to speak to us and share the information that comes up at some point to the group being here.

8. Discussion (e.g. questions, proposals, etc)

  • Keep hallways more free (Bikes, trailer, stuff into 0-? toilet)
  • Proposal to extend times for decision on Constitutional changes / collective agreements currently ongoing to 7 days each from today [doug]. Seems agreed.
  • Almondo (restating what was discussed in slack). Max and Ollie are allergic to dog hair, so intense cleaning afterwards is necessary. Will do further coordination with Lara when she is here (sleeping choice, details): We are fine with trying out him being in the first floor, we will remove the carpet/other items that collect hair, we will move the sofa in the ground floor into the airing room. We will not do extra tidying up/dog proofing (cables, office stuff, shelves, bins in first floor)
  • Suggestion of creative/welfare room in K22 [mona]: Room discussion can go on with interested people at some point
  • proposal to room ventilation [matthias] something like the following will be drafted clearer:
    • ventilate eating room/kitchen (pass-through) 0-30 minutes after cooking for 2-5 minutes (gas contains a lot of water, food/cooking releases some as well: 1kg Gas release 1.65 kg of water, cooking uses 100-500g/h)
    • ventilate used rooms (2+ people) pass-through for 1-5 minutes at least once a day, at latest when there is condensation on/around the window (people release a lot of water, 30-200g/h depending on activity)
    • ventilate used rooms (2+ people) pass-through for 1-5 minutes before going to bed (because room will be unused/temperature lowers after that, so now new water/more likely to be condensation)
  • Commited tasks:
    • Matthias/Doug/Max: Putting bitumen sheets on K22
    • (tasks people have said they want to do this week)

9. Next facilitator

  • Max

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