Roadmap meeting

  • Date: 2017-12-01
  • Notary: Matthias
  • Present: Matthias, Mona, Janina, Bodhi, Tilmann, Loumi, Bjoern, Laurina

This meeting was to find out what we can do with regards to the general vision of the house. Something bigger than just repairing of the houses; something to remind us why we're actually here.


  • synchronization for the bigger picture
  • room planning / what to do with K22 - now is a good time to work on it
  • social planning/community/conflict resolution
  • longterm legal structure
  • getting clear/publishing what we want to achieve / the future of kanthaus
  • getting foodsharing running better
  • implement projects: freeshop, freecafé


Janina is interested in implementing a freeshop in K22-1-2. What to do with the furniture inside?

cooking event

High momentum/motivation to do an event in the near future, don't take this away by focussing too much on other projects now -> Can be combined with the freeshop (people who come to that event can be directed to the freeshop)

  • plan to spread the idea/invitation in Leipzig

more concrete room planning

  • For freeshop, we need to free K22-1-2
    • furniture to K22-1-1, where tables and shelves go also into K20-1
  • Redesign kitchen in K22-2-2 with dishwasher and new sink setup

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