Coordination Meeting

  • Date: 2018-01-08
  • Facilitator: Bodhi
  • Notary: Janina
  • Present: Björn, Joachim, Matthias, Tilmann, Doug, Katharina, Lise, Anna, Janina

0. Announcement of publicizing participants on

  • If anybody doesn't want their names on our homepage in the context of this meeting, please provide a consistent pseudonym.

1. People arriving and leaving

  • Monday: Silvan, Lise and Anna will leave
  • Tuesday: Kai will come visiting (friend of Janina)
  • Wednes day: Katharina's brother may come
  • Thursday: Katharina will leave
  • Sunday: Laurina will come

2. Position evaluation (Current Position, days til evaluation)

  • Anna (Visitor, -13) -> leaving today
  • Silvan (Visitor, -12) -> leaving today
  • Joachim (Visitor, 1) -> Wednesday 4pm
  • Bodhi (Volunteer, 11) -> Wednesday 4pm
  • Wolfi (Volunteer, 10) -> doesn't want to become a member

3. Changes to Constitution

  • Proposal in the pad:
    • The pad has been open for more than two weeks now, Janina would like to start the formal process this week.
    • Doug would commit to preparing 'turn-key' proposal (i.e. pull request) for the next CoMe. Date?
    • They meet on Tuesday at 11am

4. Changes to Collective Agreements


5. Information (e.g. announcements, events, etc)

  • Waste collection: (see Rest waste (black bin) on Tuesday -> not full yet, do nothing.
  • Food pickups: (see ): Landgut Nemt, Weds, 18:00 Björn or Bodhi will go
  • Gas usage (0.70€ per m²):
    Last week: 66 m³ in 8 days (5.80€ per day)
    THIS WEEK:47 m³ in 6 days (5,48€ per day)
  • Gas bottles exchanged: 0
  • Water usage(5€ per m³):
    Last week: 7m³ in 8 days (1 dumpster, 2.4 k20-1, 3.0 k20-2 (4,37€ per day):
    THIS WEEK:4m³ in 6 days (3,37€ per day)
  • Electricity usage (0.28€ per kWh):
    Last week: 49 kWh in 8 days (1,72€ per day)
    THIS WEEK: 46 kWh in 6 days (2,15€ per day)
  • Power hour: Thursday 10.00
  • Sharing event: Friday, 5pm cloud room. Talking circle
  • Monthly foodsharing Wurzen meeting: Thursday 7pm, cloud room
    • foodsharing action week is being prepared by Björn. More details can be heard at the monthly foodsharing meeting on Thursday.
  • Clear table policy in office is actively adopted now! There is a red sign! So act accordingly, peeps! (Janina)
  • Short doc about positions and evaluation created: (Doug)

6. Discussion (e.g. questions, proposals, etc)

  • Status of the flushing with grey water?

    • Ca. 1000l of grey water are collected already, today is the building day for this. It's stil a work in rpogress.
  • Status of the rain water collection thingy?

    • Tilmann and Matthias will work on this today and will keep us updated.
  • Status of the building week preplanning?

    • Silvan pushed this. There was a meeting, but it was mostly pretty vague. Nevertheless there was a date proposed: In approximately 3 weeks people may come by and work on the house. 22.-28.1. could be a building week for small tasks. Do we want to form a group to plan this? Bodhi won't be here, so he won't push it. Matthias is interested but always has a problem with delegating.
      -> Nothing will happen this week.
  • Status of the association meetings?

    • Matthias looks up our legal obligation.
  • Proposal: nominate some to remind/motivate/DJ/triage this Power Hour. (Doug)

  • Data privacy issues on CoMe minutes featuring names. Janina already took action by adding point zero to the template, but maybe more is needed? Silvan suggested to move the meeting minutes further down in the governance section of the website, so basically just hide them a bit...

    • Meeting minutes on gitlab:
    • If with people from outside the house go to private by default, if with people from inside the house we ask and put it to public
    • Concern: It does not solve the stated issue and it makes it harder for me to find the minutes. (Doug)
  • I am up for stand-ups, are you? (Doug)

    • There have been stand-ups yesterday and the day before, you just weren't there... ;)
  • We have a server: can we set it up? (Doug)

    • You're talking about my desktop pc? (Matthias) It's not just random hardware standing around, I actually have data on there. Maybe I should put a sticker...
  • Where to store our information? How much to put on the website? Force people to use gitlab? Set up a new wiki after all..? Calendar? (Janina, Doug)

    • I believe that completely documenting our current set up would already clarify things. (Doug)
    • Janina will look at what Doug comes up with wrt documentation.
    • Matthias still wants to make information more accessible.
  • Janina will make a donations poster, which also lists the running costs of the house. Lise will make that list and Matthias will check it before the poster is being made.

  • 2 crypto-capitalists want to visit us from the future to bring financial optimism and inspiration: individual and small-group business proposal brainstorming, presentation and prizes! Wednesday still good? (Doug)

    • Saturday is much better! And since it's meant to be a fun event we can totally do it on the weekend, directly after breakfast.
  • Proposal: Brief year planning for probable, personal (i.e. non-KH) events. (Doug)

    • Wednesday 10am. -Heating situation: Proposal from Bodhi: Either turn down the heat or stop heating some rooms.
    • Some people need it warmer than others. Maybe it's an awareness thing to only turn the radiators a little bit, when they feel the temperature is unpleasant.
    • Bodhi will talk to Björn to find out if the cloud and the dragon room really neet to be heated still.
  • Film-week with Steffen: He has professional equipment and is willing to come around for a week to produce nice PR-material for us.

    • Bodhi will talk to him to set a date.
  • From last week:

    • Do a Gitlab workshop... make a poster. Didn't happen yet, Doug and Janina figure it out?
      • First have Doug document the current situation, then go on with this., if it's still relevant.
    • Proposal: Make the office into a more proper working space: Strict distinction individual/document/office material storage, get away crap, more storage, clear table policy
      • It's already better. Next.
    • What is missing for silent working room/get it ready? (Matthias will look for the screws of laurinas table)
      • It's done! :D

7. Next facilitator

  • Janina

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