Coordination Meeting

  • Date: 2019-09-02
  • Facilitator: Tilmann
  • Notary: Janina
  • Physical board caretaker: Lise
  • Present: Matthias, Nathalie, Thore, Lise, Bodhi, Janina, Tilmann, Silvan, Clara

1. People arriving and leaving

  • Monday: Wolfi arrives around 4 pm, Valentin_fsDus might come today or tomorrow and stay until the weekend, Clara leaves
  • Tuesday: djembejohn arrives
  • Wednesday:
  • Thursday: Clara arrives
  • Friday: Silvan and Matthias leave for the weekend, Bodhi might as well
  • Saturday: Lise leaves for a week
  • Sunday:

2. Changes to Governance

  • none (but people should really read the Constitution and be aware of what it actually says...)

3. Last week review

  • Present: 8.4 people / day ⬊ -0.29
  • Spent nights: 59 nights
  • Outdoor temperature (min|avg|max): 16.5 | 23.6 | 34.0 °C (7 days before: 16.5 | 23.1 | 30.0 °C)
  • Electricity usage: 2.56 € / day ⬈ +1.03 €
  • Electricity efficiency: 30.4 ct / day*person ⬊ +12.83 ct
  • Water usage: 2.51 € / day ⬈ +0.01 €
  • Water efficiency: 29.7 ct / day*person ⬊ +1.07 ct
  • 50€
Things that happened
  • The ukuvote about when to have the month of introspection in 2020 was finished.
  • Matthias built a boiler housebus node and now we can use our solar power as electricity directly.
  • With April and Fux we had lovely visitors from Jena over the weekend.
  • Many of us supported the 1st FFF Wurzen action.
  • We hosted another FFF Wurzen plenum.
  • Janina saved more baby stuff - namely a diaper changing table, changing mat and nursing cushion.
  • Everybody who was allowed to went to vote in the elections.
  • Many of us visited Villa Klug for a nice evening of cinema.
  • Janina, Lise and Nathalie did some accounting-related paperwork.
  • The room planning subgroup hosted a surprisingly pleasant exchange session about the idea of a resident's space.

4. Evaluations and check-in

  • Bodhi
  • Lise

5. Upcoming

  • Weather forecast
  • Monday
    • Melinda meeting about fs festival finances (elephant room, Thore and Nathalie)
    • Melinda answers questions about finances
  • Tuesday
    • 16:00 - 18:00 reopening of Open Tuesday
  • Wednesday
    • 10:00 Lise's evaluation, after pause Bodhi (Thore, Janina)
    • 16:30 Sharing event (cloud room, Nathalie)
    • 17:30 Landgut Nemt via
  • Thursday
    • 10:00 Power Hour
    • 18:00 foodsharing Wurzen meeting
  • Friday
    • 12:00 Market pickup via
    • 17:30 Landgut Nemt via
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
    • 11:00 - 13:00 foodsharing leftover brunch
  • Next Monday
    • CoMe facilitator: Janina

To schedule

6. Discussion (e.g. questions, proposals, updates, requests, etc.)

  • Funding money for Fahrradreparaturstation arrived
    • Tilmann feels somewhat responsible
    • Bodhi asks if we have to build exactly that since there is such a station in Dehnitz already
    • Tilmann points out that Dehnitz is not next door and that we can also benefit from such a station
    • Matthias is interested in getting involved as well
  • Report from meta roadmap meeting
    • minutes/summary on Slack
    • Schedule Jahresplanungstreffen/MCM?
    • people are interested, scheduling is a bit tricky since we want to have a lot of people participating
    • we'll see again next week what makes sense
    • 1st of October as latest fallback option
    • Tilmann makes a dudle
  • Baby sharing circle?
    • mainly findus asked for it, but there's general interest
    • next Tuesday morning is a possible date
  • Wiedereröffnung Offener Dienstag
    • tiny meeting directly after CoMe for everybody interested (max 15 mins)
  • Sommerfest: 21.09 or 28.09?
    • last meeting has minutes on Slack (KiFa idea)
    • 28th is best time, we really hope that Silvan can make it too
  • buckets from the Dönerladen can be picked up
    • they seem to have yellow sacks collected a day or two before we do
    • people can basically always stop by there and collect some buckets, or wait for the maximum bucket chance and got take them all
    • background: we still need way more buckets to safely store the dry food we got!
  • Results of the Month of Introspection ukuvote - do we have a decision?
    • Yes: all of February is closed for visitors and groups
    • We can discuss further what exactly we do and if we wanto to add more events.
  • Ukuvota meta meeting to come up with clarifications about how to use the tool - shall we schedule one?
    • People like the idea, but this week is too full already.
  • fritz can offer a room in a flat in leipzig for ~a month
  • foodsharing Wurzen meeting
    • moved to this week, so that more interested people can participate
    • Janina will put events on website, and write Lea
  • Wupphours
    • meta meeting or pause until MCM?
    • decide from week to week depending on motivation
  • Lise brought her bike and put it in the shed. She's undecided how she wants it to be used since it has emotional value.
    • bike situation gets harder and harder - people are unsatisfied with the current system
    • a bike meta meeting is needed, but won't happen this week
  • [matthias] short wifi update
    • summary on Slack
    • wuppdays wifi will be shut down in a month or so

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