Coordination Meeting

CoMe #333

  • Date: 2024-02-19
  • Facilitator: Riell
  • Notary: Janina
  • Physical calendar: Ema
  • Digital calendar: Tilmann
  • Task board: Dorota
  • Reservation sheets: Lilo
  • Weather forecast: Lui
  • Present: Kate, Martin, Tilmann, Lilo, Larissa, Astrid, Kito, Caspi, Irene, Dorota, Lipa, Maru, Ema, Lui, Riell, Janina

0. Check-in round

1. Last week review


usage graph last 90 days (Usage during the last 90 days)

  • Present: 16.7 people/day (-1.9)
  • ⚡ Electricity
    • usage: 69.46 €/week (⬇️-5%)
      • of that for heating: 24.97 €/week
      • of that for hot water: 7.24 €/week
      • of that for K20-3 heatpump: 3.59 €/week
    • paid: 51.21 €/week
    • ☀️ self produced: 50% (⬆️+20%)
    • emissions: 54 kg CO₂ₑ/week
  • 💧 Water
    • meter broken


  • [Martin] 35€ for rice, legumes, garlic and quinoa
  • [Tilmann] 100€ K22 Spitzboden stairs
  • [Tilmann] 133€ pipes and connectors for K22-3, K20-3 and lower staircase toilet
  • [Kate] 76.50€ spices, soy sauce, tahini, grains, pulses (lentils, beans)
  • [Martin] 17€ rollers for sliding doors
  • [Martin] 10€ two bluetooth amplifiers
  • [Martin] 15€ spares to repair handtools in workshop



Things that happened

In or around Kanthaus

  • FFJ got to know a lot about Wurzen!
  • nice Küfa try out in NDK
  • some more foodsharers in Wurzen now
  • FFJ had their first evaluation
  • Kate's evaluation

Wider world

  • demonstration in Hanau and for the freedom of Abdullah Öcalan in Cologne were big, bigger than expected

Popcorn of feedback

  • [Kate] If it is likely that there will be significant extra people expecting to be fed at a meal I am cooking can you please tell me.
    • [Janina] Let's make it a general thing to announce :)
  • [Janina] Please always close the velcro (Klett) of the hot water bottle carriers when storing them, otherwise they will collect dirt and stop working.
  • [Larissa] Please turn off the light in the main storage room in the basement. It's not connected to the main light switch for the stairs
  • [Janina] I found an old teabag in the orange teapot this morning - after I had already put new tea inside... :(

2. This week planning

People arriving and leaving

  • Mon.: Guest_Lilo+1 arrives, Ema leaves for a night
  • Tue.:
  • Wed.:
  • Thu.: Guest_Lilo+1 leaves, Antonin probably comes
  • Fri.: Antonin probably leaves, Caspi and Maru leave for the weekend, zui comes for a night
  • Sat.:
  • Sun.:
  • Mon.:
  • Some day: Astrid leaves end of the week

Extra people for communal meals

  • Mon: 2 people for lunch and eventually dinner
  • Wed: 1 person for lunch and dinner
  • Thu: 1 person for lunch, 2 for dinner

Weather forecast

cloudy, windy, some rain, quite warm, sun on Saturday

Evaluations and check-ins

  • Janina Member: Days Visited threshold 212/180 (+18%)
  • Zui proposed an evaluation date on Friday


  • Monday
    • 10:00 CoMe [Riell]
    • 11:00 Power Hour
    • 14:30 - 17:00 Aktuelle Lage - current political situation (german)
    • 17:00 Demo preparation meeting
    • 18:00 Hanau memorial Demo @Leipzig, Rabet
  • Tuesday
    • 11:00 - 13:00 Preventing racist/right wing attacks in KH (in german with translation) @attic [kito]
    • 15:00 - 17:00 Open Tuesday [Kate]
    • 17:00 - 19:00 Climate Sharing Circle [kate] @attic
    • 19:00 Supermarket pickup [Tilmann]
  • Wednesday
    • 10:00 - 17:00 Workshop "What is our history?" (german)
    • 12:00 - 17:00 MitMachCafé
    • 18:00 Punkrocktresen @d5
  • Thursday
    • 13:00 - 18:00 MitMachCafé - someone interested to take over the shift?
    • 15:00 - Input surveillance capitalism [chandi, zui]
    • 18:00 - Cryptoparty
    • 19:00 - 2x Supermarket pickup [kito, Tilmann]
    • 18:30 FLINTA* thai-boxing @d5 (not during school break)
  • Friday
    • Yellow bin [Lui]
    • 10:00 - Project Updates special edition [dorota]
    • afternoon - Zui evaluation
    • 18:00 Critical Mass Leipzig @ Augustusplatz
    • 18:30 - Rebel Flores - Anarcha-Queerer Aktivismus in Kolumbien @Leipzig, ADI
  • Saturday
    • Finance-Day [Larissa + zui]
    • 10:00 - 13:00 foodsharing brunch @dining room
    • 19:00 - concert "Azind" (Klezmer and other) @D5
  • Sunday *
  • Next Monday
    • 10:00 CoMe [Janina]
    • Power Hour
  • Next week summary

Hats for the week

  • E-Mails: Janina
  • Telephone: Kito


Open Visitor Request

  • Maru's friend Wed-Fri [Kito]


  • Irene [Janina]
  • Astrid [Kito]
  • FFJ [Kito]

3. Shopping plans

  • [tilmann] some more LED light bulbs/lamps?
    • [kate] I already need to buy 6 for the Freeshop. I can add to my order. Will do it soon though.

4. To do


  • Replace light in free shop [Dorota, Kate]
  • Curtains in dragon room [Irene]
  • Fixed the attic outlet [Irene]

5. Discussion & Announcements

Round 1

  • [Larissa] Date for Finance-Input + Q&A: March 11th?
    • it's decided!
    • put your questions in this pad until Feb. 24th:
  • [Janina] All foodsavers in need of trial pickups: please come to me after the power hour meeting and let's find a date for you! :)
  • [Moritz] The political group i am part of ( is looking for a place to hold our yearly convention (Klausurtagung) and i want to ask if we can do it in Kanthaus. We are 10 ppl and would like to start friday afternoon 1.3. and end sunday afternoon 3.3. we would mostly use the attic (also to sleep) and could cook for all that weekend. are there any concerns? and if not is anybody willing to host us? :)
    • Martin can host
    • Kito doesn't know the FFJ schedule of that week and proposes to talk to Emmi and Lio
  • [Ema] do we need a lock for the baby bathroom?
    • no resistance
    • Kito shows Ema the big container with keys
  • [kito] FFJis would like to have a new name, please put your proposals until wednesday!
    • (slow) link:
  • [Riell] The sign in the main bathroom, what's going on with it?
    • [Irene] Oh I forgot that, it's not true anymore. Sorry.
  • [Kate] Need help with moving a fridge to Muldepalace sometime this week. Anyone who is interested talk to me or Dorota after the meeting.
  • [Dorota] Who uses big communal house shoes? I want to make some smaller, cause I think we have too many.
    • Seems true.

Round 2

  • [Janina] ToI follow-up ukuvota will go into voting phase this afternoon.
  • [kito] CoMe information is public! Please tell facilitator if you don't want information in the minutes
  • [Irene] i was wondering if it will be ok to plaster the wall in the attic during power hour.... since it makes a disturbing noise and the other attic will be empty, after i can do the k20 bathroom for example
    • seems legit
    • although generally we should all try to do power houer during power hour, if there's a good reason to do it later, it's also fine. just make sure you actually do it.

6. Task lottery & food planning


  • Mon. lunch: Caspi
  • Mon. dinner: Dorota
  • Tue. lunch: Lilo
  • Tue. free shop: Lilo
  • Tue. dinner: irene
  • Wed. lunch: Kate
  • Wed. dinner: Lioba
  • Thu. lunch: Lioba, Riell
  • Thu. dinner:
  • Fri. lunch: Ema, Kito
  • Fri. dinner:


  • Mon. lunch: Janina, Moritz, Lioba
  • Mon. dinner: Larissa, Maru, Lioba, Lui
  • Tue. lunch: Janina, Larissa, Lui, Martin
  • Tue. dinner: Moritz, Larissa, Maru, Lui, Lilo
  • Tue. free shop: Janina, Larissa, Lui, Tilmann
  • Wed. lunch: Janina
  • Wed. dinner: Janina, Moritz, Larissa, Lipa, Maru
  • Thu. lunch: Janina, Lui, Tilmann
  • Thu. dinner: Larissa, Maru, Lui, Tilmann
  • Fri. lunch: Janina, Martin, Lioba
  • Fri. dinner: Larissa, Maru, Lioba, Lipa, Martin, Lilo


  • Mon. lunch: Caspi, Maru
  • Mon. dinner: Dorota, moritz
  • Tue. lunch: Lilo, Tilmann
  • Tue. free shop: opentuesdaykate, Lilo
  • Tue. dinner: Irene, Lipa
  • Wed. lunch: Kate, Larissa
  • Wed. dinner: lioba, Lui
  • Thu. lunch: lioba, Riell
  • Thu. dinner: Astrid, Martin
  • Fri. lunch: Ema, Kito
  • Fri. dinner: Janina

7. For next week

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