Coordination Meeting

  • Date: 2017-09-11
  • Facilitator: Wolfi
  • Notary: Wolfi
  • Present: Bodhi, Doug, Matthias, Wolfi
  1. People coming:
    • Matthias parents (friday, 09-15 just for afternoon)
    • Laurina (friday or Saturday)
  2. People leaving:
    • Matthias (friday afternoon til sunday)
    • Wolfi (Maybe Wednesday)
  3. New Volunteers: Wolfi
  4. New Members: none
  5. Changes to Constitution: none
  6. Changes to Collective Agreements: none
  7. Information/announcements:
    • A mirror broke in the upstairs bathroom. [Doug]
    • Facilitation advice added to CoMe template, only viewable raw. [Doug]
    • In two months the average temperature will be 5 C. [Doug]
    • You can add points to next weeks coordination meeting and arrange sub-group meetings. [Doug]
  8. Questions/opinions/proposals:
    • Proposal: Matthias proposes to keep most windows closed, but still would like to have proper ventilation three times a day.
    • Proposal: we do the power hour again this Thursday, 10:00. Doug revise the plan to make it more efficient. [Doug]
    • Proposal: improve Unanimous Acceptance method by: 1) clarifying the proposal and answering outstanding questions as best possible 2) asking for anyone who opposes to raise their hand (giving ~5 seconds to respond) 3) if no one opposes, ask for anyone who accepts to raise their hand (giving a further ~5 seconds to respond.) [Doug]
    • Proposal: generally try to keep planned, work-like events between Monday to Thursday (inclusive.) [Doug]
    • Question: How to progress with the Offline taskboard? Get rid of it as anyway not working? [Matthias]
    • Opinions: Keep and offline taskboard for guests, but create and online task list for other tasks.
    • Task: make a good offline weekly calendar
    • Task: Rearrange storage rooms [Bodhi, Matthias]
    • ProposaL 15 min after this meeting have another meeting about organzing things
    • Doug: there are currently two draft money policies
    • Bodhi: sleeping situation is not ideal, Bodhi does not like the big bed in the common sleeping area
    • Task: Matthias would like to pick get a ping pong table from the neighborurs
    • Doug: We should make it more clear that there is an expectation when someone has agreed for something and the default position should be not to feel this expectation
    • Proposal: I find this CoMe template abit confusing to me, maybe something needs to be fixed.
    • Rearrange storage rooms [Bodhi, Matthias]
  9. Next facilitator: Doug

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