Coordination Meeting

  • Facilitator: Doug
  • Notary: Doug
  • Present: Doug, Matthias, Laurina, Bodhi, Lise
  1. People coming:
    • Steffen and Anna? [Bodhi]
    • Jörg Wunderlich on Weds [Laurina]
  2. People leaving:
    • Lise on Weds?
    • Bodhi?
  3. New Volunteers: none
  4. New Members: none
  5. Changes to Constitution: none
  6. Changes to Collective Agreements: none
  7. Information (e.g. announcements, events, etc)
    • Waste collection: Tuesday (tomorrow) - Restmüll
    • Food pickups:
    • Wednesday: Elke's Markstand, Landgut Nemt
    • Friday: Gesundheitshaus Kräuterfee, Landgut Nemt
    • Downstairs kitchen (k20-0-2) now usable. [Bodhi]
  8. Discussion (e.g. questions, proposals, etc):
    • Doug will fill and put out restmüll.
    • Jörg from the radio will come on Wednesday. He wants to do a food pick up and generally investigate Kanthaus. [Laurina]
    • Proposal: include power-hour in Collective Agreements. [Doug] Accepted, Doug to draft.
    • Crisps had to be thrown away because of moths, a similar thing had happened regarding chocolate earlier. [Matthias] Request for more thoughfulness when collecting food. Proposal to store all unsorted/dirty/questionable foodin Spülraum until confirmed OK. Accepted.
    • Roof: Matthias, Bodhi, Doug to meet at some point.
    • Compost team: Bodhi, Matthias to meet at some point.
    • Breakthrough chat group: Matthias, Bodhi to meet at some point.
    • Contacting 18: Laurina interested, Matthias wants to draft.
    • Money & Visitors policy: Laurina and Doug will meet some time this week.
    • Könnern plants need to be repotted. [Matthias]
    • Bike workshop: Laurina has found some interesting info regarding open workshops. She wants to arrange a meeting with Arjen and other interested parties at some point.
    • Gas: Matthias sent an email to the Projekt Verteiler, but has received no suitable reply yet.
    • Electricity: in progress. [Matthias]
    • Proposal: get safety glasses. [Bodhi]
    • Idea: Bike tour to collect apples and go gleaning. [Laurina]
    • Proposal: group goes to Communetreff in Leipzig, this Wednesday at 19:00. A group ticket on the train is quite cheap for 4/5 people.
  9. Next facilitator: Laurina

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