Coordination Meeting

  • Date: 2018-03-26
  • Facilitators: Nick, Matthias
  • Notary: Nick
  • Present: Nick, Matthias, Silvan, Adam, Michal, Tilmann, Janina

1. People arriving and leaving

  • Our 2nd Workawayer Leticia comes today
  • Bodhi comes on the night to Tuesday together with Lara and Almondo
  • kristijan leaves tomorrow, Clara, Miri and Manu leave in the middle of the week; the others are leaving today
  • Doug and Anja sometime this week..?
  • Franzi (Janina's friend) and Stefan come on Sunday for one night
  • Nick thinks to leave on Thursday

2. Evaluations (Current Position, days til evaluation)

  • Matthias is due to be reevaluated as a member. Will be scheduled during the week. Everybody can join (for the round round)

3. Changes to Constitution

  • Janina started collecting points to be changed in #kanthaus-governance. Please get involved!

4. Changes to Collective Agreements

  • None
  • Matthias wonders whether to make the handbook part of the collective agreements?
    • Nick thinks that doesn't fit so well
    • the others counter maybe just to mention it in the agreements
    • obvs a discussion thing...

5. Information (e.g. announcements, events, etc)

  • Waste collection: (see müll calender): organic on thursday (put out!) (adam will put it out wed eve)
  • Food pickups: (see ): Landgut Nemt, Wednesday, 18:00 Janina takes care of asking björn. Kräuterfee: Janina takes care
  • Gas (0.545€ per m³ + 0,23€ per day):
    • Last week:€4.59 per day
    • This week: €6.69 per day
  • Gas bottles bought (€12): 0
  • Water (5€ per m³):
    • Last week:€2.25 per day
    • This week: €1.76 per day
  • Electricity usage (0.2595€ per kWh and 0,245 per day):
    • Last week: €3.63 per day
    • This week: €3.06 per day
  • Income: NaN(maybeZero?)
  • Power hour: Thursday, 10:00
  • Sharing event: Friday, 17:00 (spontaneous facilitator. Maybe you?)
  • Repair Cafe tomorrow 17:00
  • On Tuesday there is an open city council meeting. (Was in the calendar. What's the context?) Somebody wants to go?
  • On Friday there is Karfreitag - a day on which music and dancing are actually forbidden because of Christian rules that became laws in germany. But there is also 'Heidenspaßparty' - a party organized by the humanist Giordano Bruno foundation in Leipzig and officially a demonstration against Christian rules. Luke invited us and Janina might go. Costs 5€ though.
  • association meetings soon? (60 days until tax declaration)
  • KMW is going to leipzig on thursday. (Free concert, stay overnight, friday georg moves, friday evening Auerworld Stammtisch 7pm. If we want to collect stuff from Leipzig, there is free time friday afternoon)
  • Please collect ALL SMALL plastic pots that can be used to store/sort things like electronic components in a shelf. Min height: 4cm, max height: 10cm (small joghurt cups up to strawberry cups)

6. Discussion (e.g. questions, proposals, etc)

  • Next weekend is Easter! Shall we hide and seek sweets in the garden? :3 - maybe on Sunday? see how it goes?

  • The recycled water to flush the staircase toilets became awfully stinky. What can we do about this? (Improve water filtering, automate pump, empty_tank completely)

    • we discussed for sometime, no obvious solution was apparant, a few thoughts:
    • somehow split the dirtiest water off during the first part of the washing machine cycle
    • have a more hardcore filter
    • clean out the tank, and empty it out more
    • nick wonders if there is something (nice) you can add into it that will help
  • Toilet k20-1# refills_very_slowly, should_be_improved

    • could just make it more known it almost has no flush
    • or replace a bit with another bit
    • 0# toilet refills fast, so make it do whatever that does!
  • Hand washing station k20-0 # spills a lot of water. Especially newcomers (as on the weekend) don't care - floor is always wet. This is bad (longterm)

    • maybe just a larger (wider) bucket
    • also a bit higher up?
    • put some covering on the floor?
  • André Rotter and the aged young Christians from Machern offered again that we should apply for their workcamp. They are quite experienced workers, since they do these camps for years already. Apparently they'd very much like to lend us the work power of ~20 people for a week in August and maybe do the same in 2019.

    • maybe they can build a sauna in the garden :)
    • tricky to work out how to co-ordinate them to do stuff
  • Roadmap progress?

    • seems a bit wayward
    • doug made a pad before
    • the minutes are
    • Janina will create a bunch of GitLab issues
  • Workshop_is_quite_unclean, should_be_improved

    • Tilmann is interested to sort this at the next power hour
  • composting

    • adam had looked at adding cardboard/paper (squirt with water/washing up liquid to soften first), also kept moist, missing oyxgen for the lower layers
    • it's also getting quite full
    • idea for next one to put it next to sheds, can compost inside, need to turn it around a bit, maybe have smaller ones, need greens/browns not just food scraps
    • new one should not touch the walls of the 18 shed/garage behind

7. Next facilitator

Janina will gladly do it if someone else can read the counters... :3 (tilmann will do it!)

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