Coordination Meeting

  • Date: 2019-01-07
  • Facilitator: Laurina
  • Notary: Janina
  • Present: chandi, Tilmann, Tais, Q, Fionn, Bodhi, Nathalie, Aggi, Nick, Doug, Matthias, Laurina, Janina, Lise, Silvan

1. People arriving and leaving

  • Monday: 3pm Thore comes, Paul and Paolo leave
  • Tuesday: 17:17h Christian Kuhtz arrives
  • Wednesday:
  • Thursday: 12:49h Christian Kuhtz leaves, Silvan leaves for a week, Tais leaves, Aggi, Q and Fionn leave Thursday or Friday
  • Friday: Laurina leaves very early, ~6 people (findus amongst) arrive for utopival meeting
  • Saturday: Tais comes back and brings Micha who then stays for some days

2. Changes to Governance

  • None

3. Last week review


  • Present: 15.4 people / day
  • Spent nights: 108 nights
  • Outdoor temperature (min|avg|max): -0.9 | 4.3 | 9.0 °C (7 days before: 1.7 | 5.3 | 7.8 *C)
  • Electricity usage: 4.42 € / day (7 days before: 1.84 € /day)
  • Electricity efficiency: 28.7 ct / day*person (7 days before: 32.3 ct)
  • Gas usage: 5.13 € / day (7 days before: 1.95 € /day)
  • Gas efficiency: 33.3 ct / day*person (7 days before: 34.1 ct)
  • Water usage: 2.44 € / day (7 days before: 0.57 € /day)
  • Water efficiency: 15.8 ct / day*person (7 days before: 10.1 ct)

Income: (please check the shoe, the box and the account): 50€ 20ct

Things that happend:

  • really nice wuwita took place with about 20 people, with reflection, cozy and relaxing time, games, workshops, music
  • winter of karrot started
  • lots of laugther with a baby :-)
  • 2 new hot water bottles (3 altogether) now stored in Snack Kitchen cupboard
  • private laundry basket added
  • new coat rack in the foyer of K20

4. Evaluations and check-ins

  • Chandi
  • Laurina
  • Lise (moved to next week)

5. Upcoming

  • Weather forecast: 0-7 degrees and a bit of rain every day

  • Monday:

    • Day of kh finance
    • ~18:00: Heartbeat publish
    • 19:00 AcroYoga in Leipzig
    • 19:00 Women's choir
  • Tuesday:

    • Hausmüll, but doesn't neet to be emptied
    • 11:30 Roof planning meeting: Matthias, Bodhi, Tilmann
    • 12:30 Workshop planning meeting: Bodhi, Tilmann, Matthias
    • 17:00 Repair Cafe: chandi
    • 19:00 Fairteiler: Janina
  • Wednesday:

    • 17:00 Sharing event
    • 18:00 Haus Kante Wurzen w.V. general meeting
    • 19:00 Wandel würzen e.V. general meeting
  • Thursday:

    • 17:00 Evaluations
    • 19:00: foodsharing Wurzen meeting
  • Friday:

    • utopival meeting starts
    • KMW repair (all day): Matthias, Bodhi
  • Saturday:

    • KMW repair (all day): Matthias, Bodhi
  • Sunday:

    • 11:00 - 13:00: foodsharing leftover brunch
  • Next Monday:

    • CoMe facilitator: Tilmann

6. Discussion (e.g. questions, proposals, updates, requests, etc)

  • letter from zuversicht e.v.
  • answering the rewe-woman
    • lise would like to respond but it's unclear what to write, we'll speak about it more and try to formulate a response this week
  • the bigger idea of the association meetings
    1. Relation of association members to kanthaus members & volunteers and sustainability here
    2. Involvement in other legal structures like stiftung freiräume or haus und wagen rat
  • Roof replacement planning
    • Matthias has the impression that a lot of discussion already took place and now only alignment needs to happen
    • Meeting scheduled for Tuesday
  • Grundstücksverschmelzung - weiteres Vorgehen
    • Bodhi overwhelmed with topic, Matthias will write a short letter (generally this topic seems to be become an annoying one...)
  • collection of ideas and plans for the month of calm
    • proposal: kick-off meeting on the 15th (Nick's birthday), establish commonly acceptable timeframe (i.e. preferable time-windows, etc) in which people can self-organize sessions (Doug)
    • Lise will open a pad where people can put down their expectations and ideas
  • kitchen design (doug, chandi) ?
  • concert and cabaret in Ilmenau on the weekend (silvan)
    • Saturday hundreds in the church (will look very fancy!)
    • Sunday Urban Priol (will be funny!)
    • talk to Silvan if interested
  • we have to talk about telephone and door policies. In last time noone answers the phone or opens the door when ringing.
    • bell is often not heard by people in living room - solution could be to move the door bell to the kitchen
    • also: people who are here more than a day are expected to know the code or take a key
    • (a lot of digressing in fancy electronic door opening solutions)
  • Larissa would like to visit us for a few days from 7.2. Because she is no "external" guest, would this be OK?
    • Should be fine.
  • What happened to the hygiene bottle in the lower staircase toilet? (Janina)
    • Lise broke it. She will replace it.
  • What happened to the small sharp knives (please do not privatize these!) (Bodhi)
    • There's three really nice ones which Bodhi will try to mark in a very obvious way.
  • new coat rack for private or shared jackets?
    • Q, Aggi and Laurina made a new coat rack which is mounted in the back part of the foyer.
    • It should be used for private jackets so that the shared ones are more prominent on the front rack.
  • Funding application for Move from wandel würzen e.V. (Matthias)
    • Still unclear if we're up for it or not. A bit more discussion and info exchanged.
    • In the end the question for resistances yielded none.
  • Dorm window replacement starts on 15th. Rough plan: Dorm unusable at least on the 15th -> 16th, then we'll see how to progress (Matthias)
  • Finish moving the main (non-electronic) workshop - who feels responsible? (Tilmann)
    • Bodhi definitely feels responsible but wants some input on how to make the new workshop nice, instead of just randomly moving in all pieces of furniture over.
    • Tilmann and Matthias are interested.
  • privatization of blankets? (Silvan)
    • bigger topic, will be discussed outside of CoMe

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